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Updated on August 10, 2012

As it was meant to tell only the truth.

On one hand, "the Joe Soptic ad" by the Democratic Party could not be a direct smear attack on Mitt Romney, because connecting him with the death of a woman he did not know would be dim on the part of the political operatives that had dreamed it up.

On the other hand, it (ad) was pointing to the numerous amounts of damage that the Bain Capital company has done over a long period, in closing plants and businesses that supported ordinary families, and Joe Soptic was one of the those victims.

Therefore, it would not be a far cry from a campaign that associated the activities of a company that Romney owned as causing the death of some people, because many lost all that they had, their jobs, homes and even their health insurance coverage.

President Barack Obama's campaign staffers have not lied about the circumstances of the ad, because they had actually happened, though, an Obama spokeswoman had previously denied any knowledge of the ad, but had changed her mind only the following day about her initial response to the media.

That should not take anything away from the president's campaign, with respect to its integrity and honesty, as the Republican Party and the Romney campaign were making it out to be, that the ad was a deliberate attempt to throw a bad light on Romney's reputation for political gains.

"The Obama campaign has now admitted that it lied to the media and the American people in a disgraceful attempt to conceal their connection to this shameful smear," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said. (Fox News, 8/10/12).

Yet, the fact was that Joe Soptic did the narrative of his story in the ad himself; and although, he had admitted later on that his wife's death took place not soon after his experience with Bain Capital, but a few years went by after that.

Showing that the ad was not rhetorical in any way whatsoever, for the Romney campaign coming up with a diabolical accusation, so huge and devastating against the Obama candidacy, to make any difference on the campaign trail. It was like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly.

The favorite ratings that appeared in an article on Fox News of all places, and were wholly on Obama's side in large percentages, indicated that Romney was losing ground with a great majority of voters.

That was what his handlers should pay more attention to, than to start a firestorm about an ad that spoke for itself.

It has gone to the point of harassing Joe Soptic by the Republicans, and asking him to refute what he had said in the ad, in order to make Obama's spokespersons and aides liars.

However, it appeared that such allegations have been made by other people against Romney's company, Bain Capital; and they were something that Romney should personally deal with himself, instead of relying on party members, and such, to do so on his behalf.

Their defense has been as lethargic as trying to shield him from his 10 year long tax "sabbatical" (or should it be "absence"?).


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