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Updated on April 12, 2012

The farthest she could go.

Many people were still angry that George Zimmerman, the night watchman, who shot and killed a 17 year old African American minor in Sanford, Fl., on February 26, 2012, was not charged with a first degree murder, from the stand point that, in a short period of time, he planned and murdered the boy that night.

However, the Special prosecutor Angela Corey has done a great job with a team of dedicated law enforcement officials to bring a second degree murder charge against Zimmerman. That was the farthest she could go under the law.

Her investigation, which still continued, has been thorough thus far, and many now had hope that the circumstances by which Trayvon Martin died would be revealed in due course.

The parents of Trayvon Martin, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, would gain some solace to have had a person like Angela Corey to lead in the prosecution of the watchman, Zimmerman, who killed their son.

They have been in anguish for several days, not knowing whether Zimmerman would be arrested; and the great governor of Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, found it in his heart to do the right thing by appointing a special investigator and prosecutor to handle the case.

It (case) would have been bungled, as there were rumors of racial undertones and family connections circulating that Zimmerman was known within the Sanford police department, as he was aspiring to become a policeman, and that the Police Chief Bill Lee and the state attorney, Norm Wolfinger, might have had a "short meeting", when Zimmerman was brought to the Sanford police precinct on the night of the shooting.

He, Zimmerman, was let go on the premise of a Florida statute, namely, stand-your-ground law, which allowed the police and other persons that have been granted permission to uphold it, to use the necessary force, including the use of a gun, to protect themselves in cases, where they found their own lives to be in danger.

According to reports, Zimmerman had told the police chief and the state attorney that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin and he had killed him in self defense.

The case had dragged on for too much longer without an arrest, and when the parents, with the help of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, started to raise an objection, with a demonstration march to the Sanford police station demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, it (case) came to the forefront of the media.

There were other demonstrations across the country by people from all walks of life, among them were young adolescents of Trayvon's age, and that caught the nation's attention, including that of President Barack Obama; and that the investigation of the shooting needed to be moved forward or upgraded to find out as to what actually happened on the night of Trayvon Martin's death.

The governor of Florida then stepped in with the appointment of the special investigator and prosecutor Angela Corey, the result of whose efforts and tenacity led to the arrest of Zimmerman last night.

She, Corey, made it quite clear that the case would be handled in accordance with strict Florida State laws, and that no amount of public pressure would sway her and her team one way or another.

With a bold statement like that at her press conference yesterday, many have placed their confidence in her to bring justice to prevail for Trayvon Martin, whose untimely death at the hands of a gated community watchman has stunned the whole nation to the core.

Race relations have definitely been affected, as Martin was an African American and Zimmerman had mixed Hispanic cum Caucasian background; but if some media outlets would stop manipulating that aspect of the case, people would tend to remain calm and not to be too much concerned about the racial aspect of the matter.

That would allow Special Prosecutor Angela Corey to do her job as expected; and the nation would be at peace. Also, it would be for the furor about the case to die down, and for justice to take its course.

Any other way would be injurious to the Trayvon Martin family, who has lost a son and a loved one through a confusing and somewhat perplexed set of circumstances that have become worrisome for a great majority of Americans.


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