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Updated on March 15, 2012

A great meeting between Obama and Cameron.

Another historic meeting took place in Washington D.C. yesterday between two long term friendly nations, the United States and the United Kingdom, to further cement the relationship that the two countries have had over the years.

President Barack Obama welcoming the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, with the pragmatism and originality that the "old colonies" could present, in the form of having the Revolutionary Army receiving the Redcoats to the very venue that they had fought to annihilate each other some two hundred years ago.

It was not like the pomp and majesty that the president was accorded, when he visited the U.K last Summer; that if it has been the other way around, with Queen Elizabeth 2 , as the British Monarch and Head of State hosting Obama, the picturesque of the occasion would have been quite different.

Yet, the deliberations on the lawns of the White House were presentable and resplendent all the same, with American citizens, including American school children, mixing with the prime minister and his delegation, among whom were also British school children; all to mingle and to rub shoulders.

If that was not the top of civility and understanding that all countries should learn, then nothing could bring people of different nations together to achieve the peaceful coexistence and harmony that the whole world needed so much.

President Obama was impeccably dressed, and so was Prime Minister Cameron, giving credence to clothes manufacturers of America and the U.K. for having some of the best tailors on the globe.

The relationship between the two countries has done wonders for all nations, and if it was not for those strong ties that they had, the world would have gone to blazes via the Second World War.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill had displayed enormous cooperation in the war effort to eventually defeat Adolf Hitler, who was determined to send humanity into oblivion by arming Germany to the hilt and using that military might in attacking his neighbors in Europe.

However, that was history or water under the bridge, as both countries had helped the world to survive and never to surrender to brutal force of any kind that would assail the peace of present day world.

The two leaders discussed Iran and Afghanistan, among other difficult issues that the world was facing, and considered ways and means to reinforce and equip NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in readiness to redress many political grievances that threatened them and other nations, such as Libya, whose liberation averted a bloodbath, had the dictator, Gadhafi, had his way in that country.

Syria was enveloped in a similar situation now, and children and women were being slaughtered in broad daylight by Assad using ruthless brutality to subjugate his own people. Couldn't he be stopped, and if so, why not?

Of course, the situation there was not the same as in Libya, but it mimicked the carnage that would have taken place there, if it was not for NATO.

America and its allies declared a "No-fly-zone" over Libya, and eliminating tanks and armoured vehicles that were targeting civilians, they brought Gadhafi to his knees. Even though, Syria has chemical weapons that were dangerous to deal with, a sophisticated way must be found around that problem in order to save lives.

Iran being another subject that Obama and Cameron could not avoid discussing, that it (Iran) must never be permitted to own nuclear weapons, as that would start the proliferation of them all over the world; something that the United Nations was saddled with, and the U.S. and the U.K. were doing all they could to stop that from happening, both on the floor of the General Assembly and at meetings of the Security Council of the U.N.

There were also many latent matters that the U.S. and the U.K. were very much familiar with, and they all required the tenacity and dint of hard work to handle and be brought under control.

In other words, the meeting between Obama and Cameron was not a regular one, as it must figure out so many solutions, almost all at the same time, before anything catastrophic happened, such as during F.D.R.'s and Winston Churchill's time.

The two finally found a way to humiliate Hitler; and so should Obama and Cameron, to be able to device methods to counteract the problems of modern day world.


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