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Updated on December 14, 2011

Or, should it be "Goodbye"?

Members of the United Sates Congress must do themselves a favor and leave Washington D.C. for their holiday break, because they have done nothing, but aggravate ordinary citizens that want the best of things for their country.

In fact, the year 2011 has been a waste, to say the least, with only unnecessary arguments going on, so that what was in the best interest of the nation has always been set aside for debate based on partisan ideology.

Not a single achievement could be chalked off as being an accomplishment of any meaning by lawmakers; not the debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks, not the Super Committee's disappointing performance, and certainly, not the bill that was presently under discussion, the payroll tax cut bill, which was headed for another failure.

The U.S. House of Representatives has just passed its version of the bill, and it contained an issue, among others, that the Democratic members would not adhere to, such as the inclusion of the controversial Keystone oil pipeline, from Canada to the U.S.

It has got nothing to do with the matter at hand, so why should the Republicans add it in their plan? It would not pass through the Senate as is.

Besides, President Barack Obama has vowed to veto such a bill, if it came across his desk in the Oval Office; so why antagonize him? Such provocation was uncalled for, and they (Republicans) knew it.

It would be an anomaly to compare the Republicans with the homosexual community; for like the homosexuals, who would destroy anything to be homosexual, such as marriage, the only relationship with a purpose.

The purpose of it, marriage, was (and still is) for procreation only and no other thing, PERIOD.

As has been observed by many, the Republican Party members would do whatever in their power to remain reactionary. They would want to destroy Obama, if that would mean destroying the U.S., solely for the undeniable reason that an African American was now the president of the U.S.

That was a very serious accusation, but it underscored the current affairs in America today.

If in doubt, ask the common man in the street.

A simple bill that would make the payroll tax cut possible for the poor and the needy, could be made to pass both houses of Congress. It was within its reach; but why were Congressmen and Congresswomen being so stubborn, and wanting to ride roughshod over the people that voted them there?

In view of the inaction of members of Congress, they should pack up and go home. Most people were tired of them and their antics to put party first instead of country.

P.S. I would not call anybody "Gay", unless that was that person's name. I revere it, because my late cousin, Nat King Cole, used it in his songs; and I might add, in a positive way too.


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    • profile image

      HedJeotoinomi 4 years ago

      My spouse and i accustomed to acquire at the top of lifetime however recently I have piled up a new weight.

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      It is painfullt obvious this was a horrible year for Washington, but be honest with yourself. The problem is BOTh sides of the aisle.

      "Besides, President Barack Obama has vowed to veto such a bill, if it came across his desk in the Oval Office; so why antagonize him?"

      I found that statement interesting, does that mean you are for a dictatorship? I wonder, did you feel they same way when Bush threatened a veto?

      Education time, Homosexuals do not do everything in their power to great problems, hence why they were in the Closet. Believe it or not, there are people who get married and not because they want kids, it is becausde they are in love and want to be with the person they are close to. So why cannot homosexuals do the same?

      And for the last time, stop playing the race card.