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A US Government Shut Down

Updated on October 26, 2015

A US Government shut down

government agenciesA US Government shut down was avoided when the Senate voted on 3/2/11 to cut $4 billion in spending and to extend funding for 2 weeks to keep the US Government functioning. The house passed an extension resolution to fund the government on Monday.

The Republican House of Representatives working on the past due 2011 budget are planning to cut at least $ 61 billion out of the 2011 budget. The Senate under the leadership of Senator Reid has not been able to come to an agreement with the House’s plans to make the budget cuts presented by Speaker Boehner

Recently the GAO presented a report that pointed out waste in the US government. Many government agencies provide similar services that could be centralized to save the government money. It was estimated that up to $200 billion could be saved for the taxpayers by consolidating the services to a central agency

. Oklahoma Senator Coburn appeared on a major news program and stated that $100 billion could be saved to reduce the deficits right now. The size of government has increased 20% since the BarakObama Administration took office in 2009. Almost 200 new agencies have been created by President Obama increasing the yearly spending to $1+ Billion in deficits.

The President is requesting Congress to raise the National Debt limits again because the US government will be approaching the $14 trillion limit in April/May. Congress has raised the limits 2 times since 2009 when President Obama took office. The CBO projected that the 2011 spending deficit will be $1.5 trillion.

Newly elected members of Congress, supported by the tea party are committed to cut spending and make major changes as to how Congress approaches reducing the National Debt.

The Obama administration, with a super majority Democrat Congress, passed legislation without the need for Republican approval. The election of Senator Brown who replaced Senator Kennedy, who passed away, broke the super majority control of the balance in the Senate. The Democrats received votes from 3 Republican Senators to break any filibuster that the minority party attempted.

Today the Government controls 60% of the economy because of President Obama’s efforts in directing his party’s vision to change the way America governs. The Obama accomplishments include Healthcare Reform , the takeover of the Student Loan industry, legislation of the Banking Industry and a bailout of the Auto Industry.

The 2009, $727 billion now $825 billion Stimulus Jobs Bill was pushed thru Congress in order to provide jobs, stimulate the economy, reduce unemployment and to support ‘’shovel ready jobs‘’.

President Barak Obama recently admitted to the New York Times that there were no ’’shovel ready jobs’’ as he had announced. The public was told that accounting to where the funds would be spent could be found on recovery. gov website. The news media discovered that funds were sent to districts that didn’t exist. The waste of funds were exposed but action to correctthe problems were not resolved.

The recent events in the middle east is of concern to the Administration and Congress. The fragile recovery in the US now in progress will surely be effected. Rising oil prices in the world and at home need to be observed very closely. Some members of Congress are calling for the US government to release some of the federal reserve oil in an attempt to lower rising gasoline prices at the pump.

The Obama Administration moratorium on oil drilling, shortly after the BP oil incident in march 2010 , resulted in many of the oil rigs leaving US waters for Brazil and other places. With the rigs leaving, the loss of the jobs did not help the economy. The gulf states businesses have literally been destroyed, many going bankrupt. The handling of the BP oil disaster by the Obama Administration was questioned and critized by many of the gulf states governors.

The Obama Administration disregarded a federal judge’s order to lift the moratorium on 2 occasions. The refusal to release permits also hindered the production of American oil supplies. After 314 days , the administration released the first permit to drill since the BP oil spill. It was issued for a company to drill in 6000 feet deep water, surely more expensive than drilling in off shore shallow water. Congress is urging the administration to release 4 more permits to drill for gas and oil.

Kenneth Salazar appeared before a Senate committee and replied that the permit applications are in review. Oil prices reached $100 a barrel in the market. Gas prices are skyrocketing to $3.50 a gallon. Food prices are rising at an alarming rate, recent weather in the country has effected the food chain.

A disaster is coming to our economy if the government doesn’t take swift bold action. Can our elected officials in Washington and our Government be blind and deaf as to what is occurring in our country and the world. Do we have an inept and irresponsible group of idiots running the government?

Wake up America, let your voices be heard. Many places in the world protesters are on the march. Could it ever happen in the USA that organized groups of radicals and unions could destabilize the US government? There are members in Congress that their actions could be questioned as to the direction that our country is taking. Let’s be vigilant and seek the truth from our government and make our elected officials be accountable for their actions.

Your author Jon Ewall

Jon's website

Your author is a online marketing consultant of products offered on the internet. Jon’s website blog contains a variety of interesting subjects and articles that he has written


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    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


      The 2012 budget has not been passed, prior to Dec.16, Congress will need to vote on the 3rd CR to keep the government functioning.At the present rate of spending, the 2012 year deficit will be another $1 trillion.The national debt has gone over $15 trillion and counting.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


      The President spoke on Oct. 1,2011

      Hello, everyone. It’s been almost three weeks since I sent the American Jobs Act to Congress – three weeks since I sent them a bill that would put people back to work and put money in people’s pockets. This jobs bill is fully paid for. This jobs bill contains the kinds of proposals that Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past. And now I want it back. It is time for Congress to get its act together and pass this jobs bill so I can sign it into law.

      So how exactly does a bill become a law? While not all bills are the same

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      President Obama and Congressman Ryan are on the road again participating in town hall meetings explaining their 2012 budget proposals. The President has made comments that are distorting facts in the Ryan budget.

      The debate to raise the national debt limits will be a primary issue when Congress returns from the Easter break. I recently wrote:

      The Democrats control 2/3 of the government. The President said that he will veto any bill that revokes his Healthcare Bill. The house has voted already to revoke the bill. We all know that the Senate and Obama will not change the bill. The Republicans can't win.

      If the Republicans had a backbone, they should stop talking about a deal on raising the National Debt Limits. Senator Ron Paul explained that the government will not default because there is enough money coming into the treasury to pay the creditors. The Republicans in the Senate can only philibuster any efforts to raise the debt. When May 15 comes around, Obama will be forced to use all unspent budget funds to pay the debt. Those unspent funds is Obama's slush funds to use in his re election. Yesterday the Obama administration approved a bonus of $2.6 billion for Medicare plans that need money to pay for coverage in the plans, that’s after Obamacare cut $500 billion from Medicare in the original bill.

      The Republicans lost the battle in approving the 2011 budget. By not approving an increase in the National Debt, the people and the Republicans will get the cuts that they didn't get before. It’s time for them to get on the offensive and start squeezing President Obama and the Democrat Reid Senate.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      The 2011 budget has been approved and signed by President Obama. The other day on C-Span there was a committee hearing on the 2012 budget submitted by Congressman Ryan. Congressmen Chris Van Hollen and Paul Ryan answered questions from a bipartisan committee. The house passed the Ryan budget on 4/15/11.On Sunday 4/17/11, Fox News commentator Chris Wallace interviewed Congressman Van hollen and Senator Coburn. The facts about the Medicare issue and budget were discussed. Check it out to arrive at your own opinion.

      Budget 2012 ‘’what’s in it ‘’THE TRUE FACTS

      Sen. Coburn, Rep. Van Hollen on Federal Budget Battle

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      AN UPDATE ON THE 2010-2011 BUDGET



    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      RECENTLY I CAME UPON AN ARTICLE IN THE LOCAL PAPER, just adding to how our elected officials in Washington forget that the people are suffering.


      Washington and district offices 2009 and 2010 raises were in 2010 about 5%

      2009 budget deficit $1.2 billion 2010 $1.45 trillion last 3 years deficits were over $1+ trillion

      1. Ruben Hinojosa d-tx $312,0412. Chellie Pingree d-maine $282,631

      3. Gregorio Sablan d- N Mariana Islands $265,412 4. F. Kratovil d- md $243,094

      5. Dan Maffei d- ny $241,136 6. Trent Franks R- AZ $238,914 retiring

      7.Suzanne Kosmas d- fl $237,016 8. Jim Marshall d- ga $222,340

      9. Brian Baird d-wa $211,112 10 Pedro Pierluisi d- Puerto Rico $221,634

      Top in 2010 salary spending, with % change from 2009

      1. Barney Frank d-ma $1.36mil, up 3.7% 2. Jim Oberstar d-minn $1.36mil up 8.1%

      3. Jerrold Nadler d-ny $1.32 mi up 2.7% 4. Dale Kildee d- mich $1.29 mil up2.7%

      5. John Spratt d-sc $1.29mil up 16.9% 6. Mike Capuano d-mass $1.27mil up 18.7%

      7. Diane Watson d-calif $ 1.27mil up 4.4% 8. John Dingell d-mich $1.26mil up 5.4%

      9. Charles Rangel d-ny $1.25mil up 6% 10. Jim McDermott d-wash $1.25mil up 4.1%

      As reported by Detroit free press

      ** just wondering if they are required to do a yearly audit?

      New house speaker john Boehner r-ohio has ordered a 5% cut in office spending this year.

      There appears that CONGRESS NEEDS TO CONTRIBUTE MORE- 20%?

      Contact your congressman, ask him to start to sacrfice too.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      On 3/18/11 President Obama signed an EXTENSION (3 week) to fund the government. The Republicans in the house caved in and the Senate voted to a funding extension to fund the government. to be continued

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      Most likely the 2010/2011 budget debate will continue up to the deadline for approving a budget.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      ''Just to point out a few of the statement that are false:''

      1.Today the Government controls 60% of the economy" - Just not true.

      I’LL DO MORE RESEARCH thanks

      2.legislation of the Banking Industry and a bailout of the Auto Industry" - you are referring to TARP funds. This was a bailout

      Tarp was approved for $700 billion. The financial and banking industries bailouts amounted to some $200 billion + ? Obama after taking office took over the auto industry with left over tarp funds .he used some $60billion +- of the tarp funds.

      This is not his program, blame the GOP. The banks have paid back the money plus interest. The repaid was to be returned to pay down the deficit. Obama refuses to return the money and has been spending the funds.

      Don’t forget that the Democrats had majority control of both houses ,they didn’t get all of the Republican votes necessary to pass the bill.

      3.THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for the federal govt to give money to banks who then give it to students. The Govt can send the money to the students electronically and avoid the middle man and the fees that come

      The banks lending money is their business. The government’s record of running any business is a disaster and ends up costing the taxpayers big bucks.

      The banking industry lost 38,000 employees plus the profits. Let’s not forget profits are good. The government TAKES maybe 35% of those profits for the people and besides keep the workers out of the unemployment ranks. The government didn’t save anything, Obama increased the size of government, adding more agencies and workers to manage the new apartment.

      This is just smart business sense. WRONG

      The GAO recently found $200 billion of waste in the government. Medicare ,Medicaid and social security are going broke. Many government agencies providing the same services.

      Have a great day, thanks for your comments

    • LRCBlogger profile image

      LRCBlogger 7 years ago

      Jon, you have a lot of the facts plain wrong, however, I do agree that spiraling deficits could be catastophic to our economy. The GOP pledged an immediate 100 billion in cuts before the election. Post election, they have only submitted 60 Billion. In my book, 60% is a "D-" and barely a passing grade. In any event, with a deficit of 1.4 trillion, I'm not sure how reducing to 1.34 trillion would make a difference? Need to address real spending which is Military and Medicare.

      Just to point out a few of the statement that are false:

      "Today the Government controls 60% of the economy" - Just not true.

      "legislation of the Banking Industry and a bailout of the Auto Industry" - you are referring to TARP funds. This was a bailout created by Bush and passed by Republicans and Dems. Billions were given to the Financial and Auto industry before Obama took office. This is not his program, blame the GOP.

      "takeover of the student loan industry" - I don't mean offense but a lot of older people say this. Before banking became sophisticated, the federal govt would give pell grant money and other student loans to large financial companies like Goldman Sachs because they didn't have the capabilities to disperse the funds to all of the students. In today's digital age, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for the federal govt to give money to banks who then give it to students. The Govt can send the money to the students electronically and avoid the middle man and the fees that come with going through a middle man.

      This is just smart business sense.

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago


      Good hub.

      In California the gasoline is over $4 a gallon.

      $200 Billion is much better than the current $4 Billion Obama is talking about for spending cuts.

      Shrinking the Government Workforce needs to be done at least once every hundred years, and it hasn't happened since the country was formed.

      One and a half trillion spent in two years, and how much of it came back. I have heard different numbers on that.

      Anyway, Less government means less spending.

      BTW, would anyone really notice if the government shutdown, outside of SS and Medicare.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      Thank you for your comments.

      My guess, Obama will not agree with the cuts.The Senate will have trouble passing anything less than $50 billion in cuts.Senator Coburn wants at least a $100 billion in cuts for the 2011 budget which has only 7 more months to Oct. first.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Great hub,thanks for sharing.

    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 7 years ago from Illinois

      Jon, Always right on track, and well written. Maybe he won't kill the U.S. afterall. He could only pass something if he had a super majority. H

    • poorconservative1 profile image

      poorconservative1 7 years ago

      Very well written sir. It's enlightening to see what happens to a Democrat Senate Majority Leader (Harry Reid) when he doesn't have a Democrat Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) to scratch his back. He chokes. I think that the new Republican Speaker of the House (John Boehner) is giving him a run for his money.

      Also, if there are no shovel ready jobs, like Barak Obama has recently admitted to, where did all that money go?

      Can anyone say Democrat slush fund?

      Also again, this is something that I wanted to put in a Hub but it was rejected due to it's small size. I hope you like it.

      Maybe I just don't get it, the government creates a spending limit to assure a limit on spending.

      But when the spending limit becomes to low they raise the spending limit.

      So they can create more spending.

      Completely avoiding the true purpose of a spending limit. So what use is a spending limit?

      Or maybe i just don't get it.

      Thanks, I voted this Hub Up and useful



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