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Aaron Swartz: Internet Hero

Updated on January 15, 2013
Aaron Swartz
Aaron Swartz

Bullied to Death

Aaron Swartz was bullied to death for advocating internet freedom. Swartz, 26, was one of the creators of the news sharing site Reddit. He was also the founder of Demand Progress and played a key role in stopping an online piracy bill in Congress.The journals he downloaded in order to freely distribute did require a fee which he did not pay. Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz and the DoJ determined that he should spend the next 30 years in prison for that "crime". The government put enormous pressure on the "owners" of the information to prosecute; they did not want to. They knew it was bullcrap.

Women and children are being raped, beaten, people are murdered. Two men tried to kidnap me. What happens? Nothing. They can't be bothered. But download some magazines and the worthless assholes are all over it. What does this say about our home, our refuge? This country is turning into a big pile of crap. We need to take it back.


They went too far. They went way too far and now will pay the price.

This is just the beginning...


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