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Abby Martin on Hillary Clinton

Updated on May 17, 2016
B David Ferrel profile image

B David Ferrel graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in English. According to the common theme throughout, his current fascination is quite evident.

Ring of Fire

Farron Cousins interviews Abby Martin In this Ring of Fire piece. War on Terrorism, War on Drugs, and U.S. Foreign Policy have each become malignant key-phrases as used by Obama, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, all that damned Bush family, so many others, and especially Hillary Clinton, as discussed here in detail.

Yugoslavia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria.... the list of wars started and pressed further into action mainly due to Hillary Clinton is astounding! "Cold, calculated, [and] heartless" are three key adjectives that Abby Martin uses here to define Hillary Clinton. And rightfully so. If H. Clinton becomes the next U.S. President, this country will not survive to see another U.S. President after her indictment of justice. Promotion of terror has been and will continue to be her key role globally, and if she becomes U.S. President her role with then be destruction of the U.S. in an effort at bringing about the New World Order.

H Clinton supporter and PNAC (Project for the New AMercian Century) co-founder Republican Neocon Robert Kagan is another shady name to research is this mix. Dick Cheney is the other co-founder. Yeah... That sounds some evil bells and whistles. Anyway, I thouroughly appreciate this Ring of Fire piece featuring Abby Martin. This is a must-see...

Farron Cousins interviews Abby Martin

Abby Martin


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