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Abortion Outlawed: What would really happen?

Updated on August 25, 2016

Abortion Outlawed: What would really happen?

Whenever we engage in the abortion debate a very common argument is made

by the pro-choicers: if you make abortion illegal who is going to take care of

the millions of unwanted orphaned children born to mothers who

couldn’t have abortions. The reality is that there would be a absolutely no

increase in the number of orphans if abortion was outlawed in the United States.

This assertion seems fantastical upon first glance but when one closely examines the concept

of an America with abortion outlawed we realize that mass numbers of orphaned

children would not be a reality.

When examining the concept of an America where abortion was illegal.

Let’s be real about one thing: law does influence behavior. Before

Roe vs. Wade there were a lot less unplanned pregnancies since people

did not have the luxury of a safe, legal abortion to get themselves out of a

very difficult situation. Without legal abortion people were more careful

in their behavior this thus leading to fewer unplanned pregnancies.

If abortion was made illegal people would respond with more careful

and responsible behavior.

This reality however would not completely eliminate unplanned pregnancies.

There would still be women pregnant with children they did not plan to have.

Even though these women had unplanned pregnancies we cannot assume

that they would immediately choose adoption. According to the Elliot

Institute of Springfield, Illinois 64 percent of abortions in America

involve coercion of the woman into having the abortion. With this fact

we cannot assume that all women that choose abortion do not want

a child in their lives. With single motherhood so much more accepted

in American society now than it was a generation ago we can naturally

assume that a considerable portion of American women who didn’t have

access to legal abortion would go ahead and have their child and

raise it themselves.

Some would say that in this situation there would there be a massive

increase in single motherhood possibly causing a massive increase in welfare

payments thereby bankrupting our already overspent national budget? Definitely not.

In the 1950s when abortion was illegal everywhere in the U.S., the rich and

famous were known to travel to European countries where the procedure

of abortion was legal.

If abortion was illegal in the USA then we can’t assume that every

country in the world would follow our lead and also outlaw it.

It is very obvious that Canadian countries and European

countries are clearly more socially liberal than America and

would keep abortion legal. Therefore it is a reasonable assumption that

those women wishing to have an abortion after it was illegalized in the

U.S. would travel to Europe and Canada to have the procedure.

With one group of women travelling to have an abortion and the

other group raising their child on their own, we must consider one

last group: those women who choose to adopt. These women

would satisfy a desperate need rather than fill up the orphanages.

According to Business Library, for every baby put up for adoption there

are 36 couples wishing to adopt that baby. With so many willing couples

and so few babies if would be welcome development if some of the

women prevented from abortion decided to give up their baby for

adoption rather than pursuing other options.

The three very strong factors of single motherhood, overseas abortion

access and massive adopting demand destroys the horrible fear of a massive

increase of parentless children in an abortion outlawed America.


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