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About the Emergency in Syria

Updated on October 29, 2017

Syria Needs a Humanitarian Approach

We strongly believe that there are better ways to handle the situation in Syria than using missiles. The world doesn’t not need more bleeding, we have already seen ghastly outcomes of all forms of war. The United States may be right in thinking that the perpetrators of the deadly and mournful chemical attack in Idlib is a stern signal of hatred being spread in Syria, but using missiles to counter the situation does not seem to be an act of cleverness.

We hate Assad if he masterminded the chemical attack in Idlib and we want to punish him. But, everyone should understand that bombing is not the right kind of approach to handle the situation. We want Assad to let us know why he has made such an unholy crime against the humanity, against innocent children who died due to the cruel chemical attack a few days ago in Syria. But, military strikes would probably never let him bring to justice- these would either kill him or more probably allow him create another strain among various nations to prepare for fight against one another.

Assad, if he has masterminded the chemical attack that killed children, must be punished seriously. But we do not think Trump has taken a better stand in bringing the culprit to justice. Military strikes hardly punish the guilty ever, what it does is it evokes the passion of all types of ugly selfish motives to gain a better ground in the blood-stained diplomacy known as international relations. For example, Russia has said that the missile attacks are wrong, but they have not said what is right. If they support Assad, Russia must answer why they did not mourn the death of the innocent children who don’t even understand what chemical attack means.

We believe both the United States and Russia, and allies in support of both parties are just playing a diplomatic game to severely deteriorate the issue. We believe, all countries must unite to bring peace in the war-torn Syrian region. Immediate and high-priority international meetings must be held to find out the real problems of the region. All types of attacks should be stopped right away and Assad, Putin and Trump should face one another to find out a solution right now.

We know this is not going to find a solution, but bombing, chemical attacks, mass-genocide, murder of children- these are making the place an evil land of injustice. I don’t know what the UN is made for, but we have only seen news regarding Trump, Putin and international leaders saying whatever they support on the social media and popular news sites. We do not want an explanation whether bombings are the right way to deal with the situation. We know military strikes are not the right steps to deal with the issue. If bombing Syria were the right step, the situation in the region would have improved much earlier.

It is not impossible to bring Assad, or the rebels to justice. We just need a major consensus to bring them to the table, and for that both United States and Russia must resolve to bring peace to the region. That may not sound very reasonable because we have never done this kind of conflict-resolution before. But, it has to happen. If Assad thinks he just needs the control of the country in his belt, he may be denounced and hanged till death for killing innocent children in a war-like manslaughter. Assad probably knows that solving the issue could be more harmful for him and that is why he wants to keep the violence continue by taking steps such as that of chemical attacks.

Don’t know what political leaders want to do but death of children is a serious and unacceptable issue. Whoever has killed innocent children has no right to hold a responsible position in any country or any region. Western allies of the US should realize that killing people by missiles is a crime that has similar attributes like case of running a truck onto a crowd. In both the cases, death of people who are not in any way involved in the conflict is obvious and hence the acts are purely unethical.

We want an all-party meeting on the issue of Syria and it has to happen quickly. Neither the US nor Russia is going to pay for the death of children and hence they have no right to take decisions that just justify their own stands. We do not want to win, we want to resolve and so, there should be consideration of utilitarian values in solving the biggest incidence of public manslaughter on the planet. If Assad thinks killing people who are not with him is the best way, he should understand that every crime is punished at the end of the day. And the day is not far.


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