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Abu Musab al-Suri: Islamic Jihad's Irish Looking Mastermind

Updated on April 9, 2012
Abu Al-Suri
Abu Al-Suri

The most scary thing besides the mass killing in Syria that continues, was the deliberate release from a Syrian prison of Abu Musab Al-Suri, considered to be THE most wanted jihad terrorist in the world. The other thing that makes him really dangerous is that he looks Irish when not dressed in non-Islamic cloth. Unlike most Arabs, this genetic background must contain European ancestors, to wit, his reddish-brown hair, white skin, and blue eyes. This enables to move about very undetected.

Back in 2001, he was a man that took reporters to meet Osama bin Laden. Since then, his prominence within the Jihadists makes him their mastermind. He has a 1600 page book on the Internet called, " A Call to Global Islamic Resistance" that is followed by many, like the recent French Islamist killer in Toulouse, France, Mohamed Merah. In 2005, Pakistan caught him and was rewarded five million dollars and he was imprisoned until Syria released him.

This mastermind is ironically a foe of Syria, he is a loner of sorts and even scolded Bin Laden that all the news and press that he had received had gone to his head, making his strategy flawed. His way of Jihad is to promote independent, isolated, terror cells that target Westerners to promote Islam and ending with using weapons of mass destruction. He crafted the Madrid bombing in 2004, and in Iraq. He helped with the killings at the US Army base at Ft. Hood and helped create the slick terrorist magazine, Inspire, that can be downloaded.

By using small cells instead of large groups, it makes it easier for them to succeed rather than be destroyed by military might. Since Bin Laden's death, he has risen to their leader. In another irony, while he was living in Spain in 1990s, he met and fell in love, married a Spaniard, Elena Cruz, who would convert to Islam. By the marriage, it allowed him to obtain a Spanish passport allowing unrestricted travel.


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