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The Path of Greatest Resistance Will Free Your Mind

Updated on December 12, 2010

The Path of Greatest Resistance Frees Mind

       While I write this, my mind/body are receiving "jolts" from SOMEPLACE.  Despite this "rain", I continue.  The World seems to be going spiritually/intellectually/emotionally:  Light or Dark.  To me, this represents a draining of the color out of human beings so that they can become more like a machine.  People lack individual personalities compared to the days of yore.  This, I believe is due to the continual bombardment of each U.S. citizen with non-ionizing radiation to induce physical/emotional reactions.  People are being "possessed", so to speak as their individual mind is slowly erased of all the qualities that are undesirable in our new "Electronic Utopia". 

    Sounds hideous, doesn't it.  Even I am now that which could not be: tamed, lobotomized, scraped out of my mind. A lot of sentimental things have been lost.  My mind is skeletal-steel, with many fossilized human elements.  I feel like I'm made of metal - but not a robot..........a  rogue, human element running freely through the "Machine", which the World really seems to be like nowadays.  I am an "infection against repression".  I am Humanity Spreading! It is a state of Pure Intelligence completely separate from bodily experience.  The World has been re-organized into a backwards, inverted reality of what we used to be.  "He who is first is indeed now last". 

    But should the world really be this "bent".  Those who accept or Love Pain can thrive in this world like nothing else.  By FEEDING ON the stimuli designed to discourage you - YOU TURN THE WORLD RIGHT-SIDE-UP!  Yes, more people need to get involved with turning this inverted world inside-out.  The best way to do this is with the spread of ideas which undermine this "New Order" .  We did not ask for this, it was silently FORCED upon us......the systematic breakdown of the individual human spirit through electronic-manipulation.  

    Tonights' word is PARADOX.........things which seem to contradict themselves.  I feed on paradox:  I'm a "Devil for Righteousness", for example.  Although I am chaotic, infinite voidness, I'm also a message from the past that everyone needs to hear.  I am the representation of all that was that wasn't perfect, but oh-so-human.  I'm the voice of all those tiny souls which have been crushed under the Iron Fist of "Electronic Enslavement" and replaced by the synthetic, mechanical, "too-perfect-missing-something" thought-patterns that each of us receives from above.  

     I say that something that is it's absolute opposite cannot be held by the "mind traps" established by the "New Invisible Powers That Be".  If you cannot be sorted-out as "Black or White", you become a force unto yourself.  It also is rather turbulent from where my mind stands presently.  You DO GET USED TO IT(I'm using headphone-music to "jam" them, but the mind must continuously push forward if any good is to be accomplished).  By accepting Paradox, you become a puzzle that "The Machine" cannot solve.  I'd rather be an un-solvable puzzle than a perfect replicant of myself that was molded by SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ELSE.  I like imperfection, I like mistakes, I like that which is neither-this-nor-that, and I Truly Love Randomness.  The world is so depleted of randomness that it is rather sickening to look upon nowadays. 

   The Path to follow is the one of GREATEST RESISTANCE.  When you encounter resistance to what you are thinking, well you've hit upon something.  My tendency is to simply SEEK HIGHER LEVELS OF RESISTANCE.  Now, we have a CAUSE we can follow/lead against "that which controls invisibly".   Be the Slave AND "The Master".  Give yourself orders and carry them out.  The interpretation of pain as pleasure and then following that pain gets a lot of improvement out of you.  You can do more thinking FOR YOURSELF.  I OPPOSE, THEREFORE I AM.  This is very feel that your "muchness" has grown, and everybody knows it!  Doesn't it feel good to shake off those "invisible chains" by seeking pain and getting bigger inside?  Yes!   


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