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According to the Obama and I are to "Accept" Evil coming to a town near us, as the "New Normal"

Updated on March 3, 2017
abwilliams profile image

I took an interest in Politics at a young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

The New Normal

While we go through our daily routines, seeing to it that our kids are safely to child care or school, showing up for our jobs, helping our children out with their children, seeing to it that our elderly parents are good for today, we catch a headline or we hear another breaking story of yet another attack on our Homeland.

Heartbreak in another American City!

The alerts are more frequent now. We're devastated when we hear the number of Lives lost, relieved when we hear of minor injuries or that Suspects have been apprehended or better yet, taken out!

We're ecstatic when we hear the News that placed explosives didn't detonate.....didn't create carnage, didn't take a life.....

Thank God that the most recent improvised weaponry placed, set to do much harm, failed. However, that doesn't make the Monster that placed it, any more innocent than the Monsters that have had successes. (at least 'successes' in their warped, sadistic minds)

We go through our daily routines, typically feeling safe, knowing that many brave men and women are ever on guard; here in the Homeland, on the seas, in the skies, in foreign lands. Not all are in uniform, many are behind the scenes, observing and questioning and putting many puzzle pieces together.

It goes far and wide and deep, those working to keep us all as safe, as is humanly possible!

So many of us have family and/or friends that have Served in the Military, on the Police Force or in some capacity where they Serve to Protect. Many of us have family and/or friends currently Serving, Present Day!

What must be going through the minds of all of these men and women....what are We the People to think, when the President of the United States and his spokespeople do interviews, show up on News programs or schedule Press conferences, so that we may all hear them say.... "we have to Accept that these attacks on our Homeland are the New Normal" and that we should just keep going about our daily business.

Accept? Huh?

When has the United States of America ever "Accepted" defeat?

We do not!

The "New Normal"...Really?

We are all very aware that American Fighters' hands were tied, when it came to Vietnam, due to political delicacies, the majority of us, never saw it or "Accepted" it, as defeat. The ones that were there fighting, knew that could win, they knew they could fight back Communism, if it hadn't been for all the red tape tying things up and making for a very sticky situation over there.

The majority of us have always seen our Military as brave warriors, nothing about Vietnam or the situation they were placed in, made them anything less than, brave warriors!

We moved on from all of the ugliness that took place upon their return, many in body bags. Well...our Country moved on, not sure of the mental condition of young men that fought and survived, only to make it home, to be spat upon. How do you ever completely move on from that?

As a Nation, we finally recognized their sacrifice and have since, tried to make it right. The Vietnam Memorial in D.C. is one of the most moving I've visited and seems to receive the most foot traffic.

My point...through it all, we do not accept defeat, we do not waver, through World Wars, Korea, the Cold War with Russia, with every Evil entity that has ever threatened our way of Life in the Past or here, Present Day, we've never before been asked to Accept that it's just the way things are now, adjust accordingly..."Accept the New Normal".

Why now? What has changed?

Why are we being told that we are to "Accept", what we mustn't jump to conclusions and label as Terrorism, carried out by radical, deranged, indoctrinated individuals, [that happen to be of a certain religion], but we can't mention that.......

If they are All so peaceful, then why is the New Normal to be our Acceptance that attacks will continue to happen in the Homeland and that we should just come to terms with that?

How does any of this make any sense?

How many hands are being tied Present Day?

How many puzzles have come together, only to be ignored?

I've been around long enough to to be aware, that we do not Accept defeat, that is not how we were designed, it is not in America's DNA and that is exactly what's happening when 'Decrees' are coming down and being voiced throughout the land.

I do not Accept it, I will not Accept it. I do not speak for All of America, all Americans, but I believe, for the Majority of them....I speak!

It has been said that this upcoming election will be the most critical election since the Dawning of the Miracle that is America...with the words that I heard multiple times in one single day, from multiple sources, within the current Administration...brought to us courtesy of the Democratic Party, I must concur!

God Please Bless and Keep these United States of America!


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 13 months ago from Central Florida

      So true about America's compassion!

      I will definitely check out what you have to say on this subject.

    • aasl profile image

      The General Conservative 13 months ago from New Hampshire

      I write quite a bit about this especially as of recent. It really is going to be the "new normal" because people don't know any better. The greatest strength of the US is also its weakness. That being compassion.

      Hijra (Immigration Jihad) is a very successful concept where they send lots of men to mingle , populate and take control in a non violent manner. Which of course is still a threat to secular free nations in the west because most Muslims especially Syrians and Afghanis believe Sharia law should replace secular laws. We have absolutely nothing to gain. And bringing refugees from such intolerant parts of the world where it's known terrorists will come is nothing less than gambling with the lives of Americans.

      There's no reason why we can't set up a safe zone and provide support that way instead of taking these people away from their homes.

      Check out my page and if you like what you see follow me. I'll return the favor (: