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Ace Frehley

Updated on December 31, 2013

Ace Frehley.. Rock Superstar

Paul 'Ace' Frehley was the lead guitarist for the most successful US band in the 70's, Kiss. For years Kiss kept the world guessing as to who were the men behind the make-up. Their hard rocking style and wild stage show attracted millions of fans all over the globe. And Ace, a kid from the Bronx was rocketed into mega stardom.

So was this kid from the Bronx?

Ace Frehley, the Man Behind the Guitar

A Short Ace Frehley Biography

Paul Daniel 'Ace' Frehley was born in New York City on the 27th of April 1951. His father, Carl Daniel Frehley was an electrical engineer and his mother, Esther Anna was a homemaker. Frehley grew up in the Bronx and by his teenage years was running with a gang known as the Duckies. Never a great student, Frehley, was thrown out of two different high schools before he managed to graduate. Paul had a number of jobs after high school including; a liquor delivery boy, a messenger and a stint delivering furniture.

When Paul was 14 he was given an electrical guitar for a Christmas gift. All of the members of Ace's family played music, his brother Charles is a classic guitarist and both of his parents and sister play piano. In 1973 Paul answered an ad in a local paper for a guitar player. He went to the audition with friend Bob McAdams, he was wearing two different sneakers at the time, and played for Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The band he joined would call themselves Kiss, and the rest is history. Kiss would become the biggest selling US band from 1975 to 1980.

Paul's stage persona came from his nickname 'Ace' which he had picked up in high school. His friends had begun calling him Ace because of his ability to get them dates. On stage with the band he would become 'Space Ace' from the planet Jendell.

Paul stayed with the band until 1983 when he left due to differences with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Ace decided to pursue a solo career and put together a band called Frehley's Comets. The band toured the New York club scene and managed to get a few tracks on the charts. He rejoined Kiss for a number of tours beginning in 1996 and ending in 2002. Paul's last appearance with Kiss was during the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Since then he has been working touring with his own band.

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Quick Facts About Ace Frehley

He designed the logo for Kiss. The thunderbolt 's' used in the name.

He has an IQ of 164

He has one daughter Monique. Who was born on July 9th 1980

Has played in a number of bands including; The Muff Divers, Kiss, Molimo and Frehley's Comet.

Was married to Janette. And although they divorced, they have gotten back together.

He is now clean and sober.

Paul has two siblings a sister Nancy and a brother Charles.

Paul started playing guitar when he was 14.

Ace has never taken a music lesson.

Ace was once electrocuted on stage.

Ace Speaks Out

Ace Frehley Quotes

"I can't even read notes. But I can teach someone how to make a guitar smoke."

"I've worked with Kiss in the past, walked in stoned all the time. Now, it's a pleasure to walk in sober and be on top of things, to know exactly what I'm doing and be in sync with everybody."

"As long as I know what key the solo is in, I try to kind of empty my mind and not think about anything. I just play without thinking"

" A lot of older critics are ex-Kiss fans."

"All of a sudden we all became millionaires and started to go out with movie stars. Gene wanted to be an actor. That didn't work out."

"I'm just a kid from the Bronx who got lucky."

"Finding a good band is like finding a good wife. You got to keep trying till you get the right one."

"I think the fans really wanna hear the songs the way they sound on the album."

"I had a feeling is was gonna workout because not only did I enjoy the music and hit it off with the guys, but I was into theatrical rock and was willing to wear makeup and do anything to make it."

"America is huge."

'I legally cannot wear the makeup and costume anymore. If I put the makeup on today Paul and Gene would sue me and put me in jail."

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm you're biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • elsiesflat profile image

      elsiesflat 5 years ago

      The original and the best.

    • MusicFan57 profile image

      MusicFan57 6 years ago

      That metal show youtube was great. Been an "original member" KISS fan since '77. I don't follow them now, it's more like a tribute band or something. Great lens, ACE rocks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Ace Frehley u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAMN good ,

      Ur my idol , beacuse of u i started playing guitar , now i even can play "Shock Me" (non-solo yet) i really like u playing guitar


    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I absolutely was smitten with Ace back in '79!

      At a concert he threw one of his sweaty towels to me and when someone grabbed it out of my hands he threw me another one which I caught! I was so happy!!

      I always thought he was the hottest member of the band and I'll bet he's the sweetest too.

      Glad to see you're still at it mister. We love you!

      Tulsa, OK

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Ace Frehley is AWESOME!!!! He is definetly one of my FAVORITE musicians! Favorite guitarist as well! I LOVE HIM!! <3 <3 <3

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I'm a musician.I live by this. All that's because of Ace. When i heard him I wanted to become a musician and here i am....Thnks Ace..