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Self, 8 Ways of Achieving Inner Peace.

Updated on October 3, 2016

Finding Inner Peace

Self and the Inner Peace

With Self and the Inner Peace the first thing that comes to mind is the peace from the inside. This cannot happen unless Self and the Peace of Mind are compatible, in the sense that the Inner Peace must reflect the outward.

Inner peace however, is a necessity in one’s life for better accountability and functionality, which without, destabilises one's progress in attaining desired goal. We all deserve a quiet moment or a lone time every now and then, to help reflect about situations and happenings around us.

By so doing enables one to get to know his or herself. But the frequency on how this character is exhibited varies for one individual to another. From daily to few times in a week.

Generally, we all get angry or upset about something, maybe about ourselves of some occurrences we may or may not have control over. These affect our productivity to a large extent.

These anger, worries or getting upset about things around us or when things are not working to our favour for a while are all part of human existence. The more we acknowledge that they are bound to happen at any time. Perhaps see them as OK phenomenon, the more of inner peace we will possess.

Like-wise, understanding that we are not alone in this, that bad news or suffering are part of the system, as much as good news and happiness, give us the awareness that we are made free. Again, that in itself, is the starting point of inner peace.

Often, it takes a lot of effort to understand the self (Oneself). No wonder a great social thinker called Socrates once said ''the unexamined life is not worth living''

Meanwhile, as much as the causes of stress come in many forms, so also inner peace can be achieved in many ways too.



For the religious, prayer is a vital means of inner peace. The practice of laying your problem, frustrations, and stress in the hands of a supreme being, as well as seeking comfort at the sametime, is magical for those who believe. It is also seen as the means through which our own lives and wills are brought into concert with God's divine will.

Respect for others


Accepting of others just the way they are, their looks, their belief / religion, behaviour, etc. will certainly bring you inner peace. Worrying about things you can’t change is an antidote for stress. No one is perfect and understanding who they are, is the key to happy days. It is a fact that all kids play with every other children except they are told not to do so.

Someone Meditating


Another source of inner peace through the practice of exercising the power of the mind. The ability to take your mind to a place where you will be at peace and happy. Could be of past experiences like places you have been before and had a good time or an event you partook in. People use this medium as an escape route, better still, maybe in future terms, where you would want to be. Medically, even a little training in meditation can make people calmer, less stressed and more relaxed. A few minute a day can lead to physical changes, like deeper and calmer breathing, reduced blood pressure, lower heart rate, including lower risk of heart attack.



Sounds of nature has its magical effects on most people too. As part of nature we humans need a bit of Mother nature in times of crisis to take our minds off things. The sounds of the birds, wind blowing, the stream, insects chirping, even listen to the sound of silence that exists in the space between sounds give you that calm effect for your soul. Hence, that which affect the soul affects the vessel too.

People Reconciling


This is a necessity and not many people realise this fact. It is hard – I mean very hard to forgive – even the little things not to talk of the big stuff. Besides, forgiveness is never an act of stupidity but of a different level of maturity. When you forgive you free yourself from going over the same issue repeatedly. It is liken to running in a cycle while burning energy and precious time that should have been channelled for good use. You will have a lot of inner self peace and plenty of good sleep when you make forgiveness a habit.



Reading, yoga, jogging, swimming, cooking, dancing, etc, indulging in these, they say take your mind off things too. If that phrase is correct, therefore, it is a win win situation. First you are gaining knowledge or getting healthier through exercises, Secondly you are giving yourself (mind) a break from what is bothering you.



These are big factors for inner peace to manifest. Having peace of mind does not mean one is free from discord or conflict as the case maybe. On the other hand, it is the knowing why what is happening is taking place. Plus the ability to cope with the difficulties and be contented with the situation, likewise what is available to you.

Accepting Oneself


Growing up is hard. Being a teenager or having body image issue – why am I not like the other person – as tall as they are, beautiful nose, nice eyes, from a wealthy family, as intelligent as they are, finding love, you name it. But accepting the fact that you can’t alter who you are, where you are from, enhance peace of mind. Your look most times does not limit your achievement but lack of confidence and willpower sometimes do.

Generally, achieving inner peace is not all about switching our emotions or thoughts every now and again but it is more of understanding the situation we are going through. By so doing we become free. Life is never easy. Inner Peace gives you that focus to deal with what it throws at us.


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