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Adopted siblings who find each other after many years apart

Updated on September 22, 2009


September 19,2009

National Weird News

Reports That Two furrnature movers from Maine find out that they are brothers 35 years after being adopted by different parents.

They were curious as a result of customers commenting on the fact that they looked so much alike.So one of them started researching the adoption records and found out that they were in fact brothers.

I 've read moore than one story like this over the years and it struck me !

I recall reading about a pair fire firefighters who I believe were twins,that found out that they were brothers also ,probably as a result of the fact that they looked alike.

But what stuck me the most is the fact that they happened to be working at the same workplace at the same time and that they were attracted to the same type of work.

Does this have anything to do with genetics? Are we pre-disposed to certain types of work as a result of our genetic make-up? These news stories tend to point in that direction it seems.Although I know that all brothers are not twins or even necessarily look like eac other all do the same kind of work ,at least as that's my general feeling about the subject.Who kknows maybe there is a pre disposition among genetic relatatives for certain types of work.

The other possibility is that they have a spiritual connection and simply wanted to have that connection in the physical world.After all they were born to the same parents!

In any case it's an interesting subject.


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