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Advantage To Evil

Updated on May 22, 2011

The advantage that evil has is that there is no restraint in evil, which is a classic separation between evil and good. It’s easy to damage and hard to create or mend. That gives evil a natural advantage over the good. Lie has many forms and human stupidity has no limits which is another advantage to evil. Truth has only one form and it is as easy as ever to ignore it.

It is so hard to fight evil because the norms man creates for society are very bad. It is so hard to force a person to do the right thing. That is because one has individual choice and it’s easy to do evil and hard for others to argue in opposition. It is so because people do not have faith in God (cause) and think about just the benefit to their lives (effect). It is not because man needs a lot of wisdom to choose the right but it’s because of our ego and how morals and values are not set into our minds.

After the majority becomes ignorant and evil, it all comes down to who wins at last.

But logic says that good is already won. It never lost and there is not going to be a judgment day (which will be like a poor judgment in itself) when it wins! But rather good is already won. It’s only we who have to discover that. It’s up to us till when we let the evil win and let us lose!


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