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Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel

Updated on July 7, 2010


      The world is already upbeat on the use of hydrogen as a fuel to replace petrol. There exists a distinct future possibility where not only would the pv be used widely but the electricity from solar cells arrays in desert areas would be used to generate hydrogen gasby splitting water into its constituent parts through electrolysis. Hydrogen fuel has advantages that are incomparable to the other sources. It can be burnt with no other byproducts than water. It can be used in a fuel cell to generate clean electricity. It can be easily stored for later use as against solar and wind energy marked by intermittency. Hydrogen will in all probability turn out to be the popular fuel in future as solar hydrogen, and hydrogen sourced from the winds and waves, might be the gas for domestic use. It could be the cooking and heating fuel for the future. It could also be used as a fuel in electric cars, thereby tackling the problems associated with pollution. Hydrogen is an inexhaustible resource that is an excellent, clean and efficient source of energy. The world is waiting for a major cost-efficient breakthrough in technology to get these and similar sorts of projects get off the ground so that we could move towards a sustainable future in which sun is our primary source of energy. 


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