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Advice for Criminals with Warrants of Arrest

Updated on September 12, 2013

Crime Does Not Pay

Any crime can cause you to get a warrant for Your Arrest.
Any crime can cause you to get a warrant for Your Arrest. | Source

Avoid Driving Any Vehicles with a Warrant for Your Arrest

Many criminals get pulled over driving with small infractions. Most criminals get arrested while driving when they could have avoided arrest.

Even though you do not feel like a criminal the law see's you as a criminal. When you have a warrant for your arrest.

Cop's often want to see every passengers Id's in a vehicle when pulled over. Especially if the driver has committed a crime or has a warrant.

Avoid riding with anyone who even looks or acts like someone who will commit a crime.

Avoid any driver that has been drinking alcohol. You will surely get busted.

Stealing is a Crime

Stealing is a crime that will cause you to get a warrant for your arrest.
Stealing is a crime that will cause you to get a warrant for your arrest. | Source

Avoid Family and Past Addresses

If you do not want to get arrested because you have a warrant for your arrest. Avoid your family and friends.

Do not show up at your job. Places such as these are where the cops show up to find out your whereabouts are to question your boss, friends and family.

Even if you have been on the run for years. They have investigators constantly looking for you for years.

You need to never contact anyone from your past in any way. No phone calls. Do not send messages through mail or texting.

Surely avoid going to a funeral no matter what. You will surely be arrested.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid drinking any alcohol or hanging out in places where people are drinking alcohol.

Leave any friends that might get loud or create a scene while drinking. Alcohol changes people.

If you drink alcohol you are risking getting into an argument or a fight with someone. Which will cause a scene and get you arrested.

Drug Bust

Admitting You Have a Warrant for Arrest

Always keep it secret that you have a warrant for your arrest. Friends and family will rat you out.

No matter how great and trustworthy your friends or family is they will turn you in to the authorities. Then try to make you think they are doing you a favor.

Your best friend or family will be the first to get you arrested.

Get Friends that Live Productive Lives

Meet people who work for a living or own businesses. Hang out and go to church and donate your time and help with the church.

Get involved in the church. People are more than happy to help you when you are involved with the church.

If you fell into hard times the people from the church would be the first to help you. If you have a talent or profession offer your help for free.

They will bless you in many ways, and if ever you have been in trouble they would help you because you helped a member of the church.

It sounds like work and it is but it will pay off in the long run. Just be patient! People will trust you and get you work without doing a background check.

Books on Arrest Warrants


Its fine to have relationships but not live-in relationships. All it takes is an argument a fight and you are risking your freedom.

Do not get so friendly with people and tell them your personal business. People tend to talk and also do not tell people where you live.

Always meet them somewhere else. If they ask questions. Tell them you live with your mother.

She hates company of your friends. Sometimes people throw out questions be quick to answer or be strait up and tell them you rather not talk about it.


Renewing Your ID or Drivers License with Warrant

You can renew your ID or Driving license with a warrant for your arrest if needed. As long as you have all the required documents needed to get your drivers license or ID but if you were arrested on a traffic violation you will not be able to renew your drivers license with a warrant from any traffic violations.

Being Polite to Police Will Go Along Ways


Don't Assume Cops Are Looking for You

Do not volunteer information to the police if they come to the door. If possible don't answer the door if cops show up at your house.

Cops cannot enter a residents without a search warrant. You see these cop shows on TV that bust down doors, but they have warrants from the judge to do so.

Do not do anything to get the cops called on you so that they have no reason to knock on your door.

Never Answer the Door or Invite Police into Your Home


Police Can't Come Into Your Home Uninvited

Just because the cops show up at your door. Does not mean they can come in your house without your permission.

If the police show up at your door if possible let someone else answer your door if you have a warrant. Make sure you tell that person the police cannot enter the home without permission.

Always be polite to the police and never answer any question that can incriminate you.

Consider Turning Yourself Into Police

Turning yourself in is the best way! Eventually, you will get arrested. It is very hard to live looking over your shoulders

Hard to keep a job. Get married or have a normal life. Your best bet is do the time. You did the crime. Nobody wants to go to jail but if you did the crime it will go easier on you and you will probably get probation.

If you did not do the crime and lets say you violated probation. Try to find proof to clear your name.

Show probation your proof and get a lawyer to present your proof. You will be better off getting out of jail time.


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    • profile image

      Casimiro 4 years ago

      One of the first things you should do is to talk with a lawyer. You needn't worry about the lawyer telling anyone about your warrant as he or she is bound by client-attorney privilege, which you own, not the lawyer. Talking with someone who must keep the secret will answer a lot of questions and help you consider your options. It is probably the best idea to face up to the warrant, but I couldn't say that that is always true.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 4 years ago from Manila

      Interesting read with good sense of humor!