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Advisory Rant (Remove yourself from the equation)

Updated on February 25, 2012

Venting a little frustration and offering some insight

At what point did growing up and getting a life become so complicated? And since when was it hard to figure out who your friends are? Why do we all have this notion that we grow up get married and have a family? We are told we need to go to school grow up and get a job and work for the rest of our lives. Where did all the fun go? Sure in our teens and early twenties we loved being beer pong champs and the build half hour beer towers but now we are outgrowing all of that and must accept our responsibilities and earn money to survive, most people my age only dream about making the kind of money I have and I had my dream job at 22 only to find out it was a nightmare.

How did I get so lost and off track? What wrong turn led to all the other wrong turns and why when I stopped to ask for directions I got more lost and un-centered? Why am I considered callous and heartless for wanting to put myself and my desires before everyone and everything else? How easily we lose sight of ourselves when we are searching for who we are.

Many of us choose to be chameleons, constantly adapting and blending for fear of causing unrest with mortals. How we worry about the opinions of others who are relatively no one in the grand scheme of the world. Everything seems to be a chain reaction and most of those reactions lead us to a downward spiral and our emotions seem to get involved in places they have no business being. If you remove yourself from the equation and look at the situation logically all of a sudden you become the antagonist and society turns against you. Maybe I am emotionless at times however the emotions are there lying just beneath a calm surface. He who keeps his composure has the upper hand after all.

Why are we as a society so obsessed with normalcy and ideals when the truth is these concepts are different for everyone and by having a status quo we lose our individuality to a massive crowd, which maybe why some people are agoraphobic.I think they are right on target because they fear losing themselves and facing their peers. Though I am not afraid I feel as if I place myself among the masses I would feel the firsthand effects of second hand stupidity. Tolerance for the ignorant and uneducated is not one of my strong suits, but in my journey to find myself I have learned patience and acceptance, although at times I wonder why I even bother with people who will never have my mentality or intellect. I guess it serves as a harsh reminder to use the gifts we are given, no matter how insignificant we might feel that our gifts are or how much we might take these powers for granted. Somewhere someone wishes they had what we have and there is always someone worse off than we are but it is hard to see past ourselves as it is in human nature to compete in a survival game every day. Only the fittest will make it out alive and the underlying concept becomes either you’re with me or against me, and plausibly if you’re against me then you are dead to me.

It is so frustrating to see grown people so surrounded by drama that they create or make themselves part of because they feel lack of attention. Attention seekers have always mystified me. What in the world makes you think you are significant to anyone except yourself on any sort of scale, and moreover what makes you think you can try to ruin others happiness because you are a failure? You mean nothing to anyone and if you don’t stop wallowing in your pit of self loathing sooner or later you will find yourself more alone than you ever thought possible. No one likes a drama queen and sometime just try staying out of the affairs of others.

Gossiping makes you look childish and uneducated, so if that is the image you are trying to portray go for it, just stay away from me. If you want to talk, make conversation about ideas or events and try to be a productive member of society for once, you might feel better and you will surely find yourself with fewer enemies. If you don’t know what to talk about try thinking before you speak and again remove yourself from the equation, think about if someone else was talking about you in the manner you are speaking about them if you would find it endearing or detrimental. If you think you would be annoyed, shut your mouth, chances are no one cares anyway, and if on the slight possibility they do the both of you should become friends because you are both idiots.

Aspire to be a better person and make a difference instead of adding to the daily influx of negativity we all experience, because if 100 people a day could make that light upstairs turn on within a few decades the entire planet would be happier and prosperous.

I will end this rant with a piece of advice; whether or not you take heed is ultimately up to you. Do a self evaluation and compare to what you wanted to do when you were in high school, chances are you will be disappointed. Take action to make your happiness because it won’t just land in your lap.


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