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Afghan Veteran Pilot Murders Nine Americans

Updated on April 29, 2011

One of the nine Americans killed by a veteran Afghan pilot was Santa Rosan, James McLaughlin, 55, a retired Army veteran of 25 years. The Afghan was himself a veteran with 20 years experience who was receiving additional training in Kabul airport. James had signed on with a civilian agency to train Afghan pilots in air operations using helicopters and was in his third year.

There is no reason for the murder of nine Americans that happened during a meeting. This killing of Americans was the fourth time in two weeks. Usually, Afghan men in security uniforms turn and fire upon Americans.

The most recent murders happened within a secure compound. The attacker was an officer, Abdul Sahebi, 48. The Taliban quickly claimed it was  responsible but indications reveal Abdul was having personal problems over finances according to his brother, Dr. Mohammed Sahebi. He had just lost his house.

Well, heck, that explains it all! Since 2009, 48 NATO soldiers have been killed by their so-called Afghan allied soldiers.


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