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Afghanistan Future and Hope

Updated on August 19, 2013

Tough Realities of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one the most impoverished country in Asia. Thirty six percent of Afghanistan is living in below poverty lines. Rural areas of country are considers more poorest with no electricity, water and sanitation facilities.

illiteracy rate is also very high in country most of children specially girls are not able to attend any schools and due to financial difficulties boy are forced to work their parent to provide daily necessities of life to their families. Children are worst affected and have very few necessities of life. Child mortality rate is still very high in country because remote areas don't have proper medical facilities specially for woman and children.

Doctors and medical staff don't want to travel far areas because of lack of salaries and lack of facilities. Several thousands Afghan are still in migrants in neighboring countries Pakistan and Iran. These are considers world largest refugees community, most of them are living in tents without facilities of water and electricity. Due to worse peace situation and bad economic conditions unemployment is very high and every one in four people is job less.

Due to increasing poverty opium cultivation is most profitable business in remote villages. Afghanistan is providing ninety percent of opium and narcotics around the world. Corrupt government officials and security personnel s are not able to provide security and daily necessity of life to needy people.


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