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Afghanistan Governor Plotted to Murder American Soldiers and NATO Ambassadors

Updated on April 2, 2012

Col. Stratton and Airman Goodman were only a few weeks from going home from this hell. The 39 yr. old Stratton had a wife and three small kids. Now he is dead, as is the 21 yr. old woman, Ashton Goodman. They were killed at the instructions of the Governor in Kapisa province, Ghulam Bakr, appointed by Afghanistan's President Karzai, America's so-called friend. Why? That is still to be determined.

Both American soldiers met their end when their Humvee was slammed by a Toyota Corolla filled with explosives in an intersection along the road in Panjshir Valley, which oddly Col. Stratton had said was his greatest achievement there. As Americans try to help these people to have better lives, they target us. Seems like Karzai's choice is a poor one. Bakr was not satisfied with those deaths, in November 2009, he went onto to target US, French and UK ambassadors who were on visit to Kaspia. Bakr's insurgents armed with rockets and weapons would attack the site where the meeting would occur. Luckily, someone ratted on them and the attempt was stopped.

Kaspia province is just north of Kabul and remains a power broker there. Bakr, like many governors, were former mujahedeen commanders and affiliated with Hezb-i-Islami group under the warlord Hekmatyar. Bakr was more than willing to help old friends with weapons, police vehicles and lists of people who cooperate with Americans. US wiretaps prove Bakr was a crooked as they come routinely extorting from contractors a share of the money got from US Aid. The aid Bakr was getting for projects was diverted due to the suspicions of Col. Stratton. Bakr then arranged to meet with him in Kapisa. The Toyota bomb was waiting.

This is another example of how not only the US plan to reintegrate former enemies totally fails, but how corruption is as bad as it was in South Vietnam in another war. When US officials present the evidence to Karzai, he sacked Bakr, yet refused to bring him to trial claiming insufficient evidence. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the case is closed. As far as US General Petraeus is concerned, the US is still looking for Bakr and bring him to trial for murder.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I agree.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We Americans do not understand the peoples of the Middle East:

      1) They are tribal in nature and do not believe in a National identity.

      2) They have lived so long under the thumb of despotic and corrupt leaders, they know no other way of living.

      3) While a civilized person can act like a barbarian, a barbarian (knowing only barbarism) cannot act civilized.

      4) They do not place the same value on individual lives as we do. If they die, they self-actualize and go to their god.

      While we went there with the best of intentions, it's time to bring our people home. But I would leave Karzai and Afghanistan with a warning. "Don't ever cross us again by harboring those who attack the U.S.! You WON'T like the result."


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