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Afghanistan's Kam Air Busted for Drug Smuggling

Updated on June 19, 2013

Another sign of how Afghanistan will collapse from within after America exits in 2014. The US military has charged Afghanistan's second largest air fleet, Kam Airways, which has 16 aircraft, some of which are 747, 767 and Antonov cargo planes.

The US military states the the airlines has been smuggling large quantities of opium and heroin to Tajikistan and other neighboring countries. Since Afghanistan produced nearly 90% of the worlds illicit opiates, NATO has failed to get farmers not to grow the plants. Poppy cultivation now has increased by 18% and it brings in $2.4 billion or 15% of that country's income. What a scary thought that is. There are about 150,000 hectares of poppy cultivation. Afghanistan is a narcotic state and when NATO exits, one can see its future.

Kam Air flew 80 tons of heroin and 20 tons of opium to buyers in Tajikistan, while flying 17 tons of opium and 10 tons of heroin into Uzbekistan.

So, whatever positive spin you can put on the Afghanistan war, there is little doubt, it was a total waste of money and lives because little will change once NATO leaves. It will revert back to its former ways in many cases.


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