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Afghanistan's Sex Slave Law Under Attack from Women

Updated on April 16, 2009

Dressed in burgas from top to bottom with only a sliver opening for the eyes, dozens of brave Afghanistani women went against the odds to protest the Afghanistan's sex rape law. As the women marched down the cobbled dirt streets of Kabul they were greeted by hoards of bearded men, some posing as clerics, tossing rocks and calling the women "dogs". Most Western nations are in an uproar about this law that allows a husband to have sex with his wife on his demand four times a week.

Over 800 die hard men and some women took part in the tossing of stones at the few dozen women attempting to secure their rights, many called the protesters, "slaves of Christians". ironically, a barricade of Afghan police women formed a chain to keep the two hostile groups apart. The law in dispute also dictates the reasons when a woman can leave her house without a male escort! Sorry, I have no tolerance to such anality and neither should any woman. The woman protesting are the vanguard and speaking for many "silent" other Afghan women who fear that this may be the start of the Taliban take over again.

The Taliban began the identical law from 1996-2001, when they were in control of the country, now. Karzai, the American appointed leader signed the law without clearly revealing its contents to its Parliament in order to appease the Shiite faction, about 30 million people. Because the international uproar, Karzai has frozen its implementation.

The protesting Shiite women were brave as they stood and shouted, "We don't want Taliban Law" in front of a local mosque, home of the law's main pro-Taliban supporter. Not all of the women that began the march arrived. Many were detained and mysteriously disappeared. Sadly, there were more women in the opposing crowd (those in favor of it) numbering into the hundreds, no doubt, living in fear of their husbands.

The US can do little short of blowing all of the Taliban fighters into a zillion pieces. That is the only way this radical Islam can be dealt with. Changing the culture there will take a lot more patience than any western nation is willing to give.


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