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African Americans Positive Behavior Starts At Home

Updated on January 23, 2016

Questions. Be honest

  • Are you placing yourself in a position to attempt to end the effects of poverty stricken households?
  • Are you placing yourself in a position to end the effects of crime ridden communities, fatherless households, low wages due to lack of education/skills, and working together with your partner/husband in love to create healthy young people.
  • Are you setting the expectation that it takes hard work, sacrifice, and prioritization to obtain the level of success you want in life?
  • Are you teaching your child materialism, through your actions, in an attempt to erase the effects absenteeism regarding parental involvement?
  • Are you setting no spiritual or moral example and expecting your child not to interpret the message that life is all about you and what you want?
  • Are you displaying compassion for your fellow man and perhaps having your children engage in community volunteer efforts?
  • Do you conduct yourself as a man you would want your son to be and your daughter to marry?
  • Do you conduct yourself as the woman you want your daughter to become and the type of lady your son should hope to marry one day?
  • Is there love in the home and love displayed toward your children?

What example are you setting?

While right is right and wrong is wrong-the question must be asked - What role, as an individual, do you play in ensuring other cultures respect your culture if you don’t? When you have a group of people fighting and arguing, how easy is it for another to see the opportunity to create harm? When others witness men that would rather engage in promiscuity rather than respecting (marrying) their women and attempting to build a family with both parents building together can we be surprised by the disrespect? When we see women that would rather get their breasts done, behinds injected, prostitute themselves to have expensive materials, and attempt to have paycheck babies instead of educating and building a solid future to achieve their goals-what respect would that evoke?

When we are at work constantly, without request, cutting each other down and causing problems for others as if fully conditioned-whose fault is that? When professionalism is not practiced in the workplace towards minorities but displayed towards other ethnic groups of high positions and power-whose fault is that? When gang violence leaves thousands dead which are portrayed by and to the members of the community, whose fault is that?

Why does your television remain on ratchet television while the books in your home remain unopened? Why do your children witness you go to church and continue to live a life completely contrary to the practices of your religion? How can you be intimate with someone else and never show affection, genuine love, towards one another so your children witness positive views on relationships?

Hero Files


It starts with respect and knowledge of history

We stopped telling the story and setting expectations

Slavery, oppression, yeah yeah yeah-I know. That was yesteryear and doesn’t apply today, right? Why do people discuss race so much I mean who cares? This is a new age and era, why are we discussing the past? Lest you learn the lesson, history has a strange way of repeating itself.

St Elmo Brady? Who’s that?

In 1916 he was the first African American to earn a doctorate degree in chemistry. Earned his PHD at the University of Illinois.

Who was Edward Bouchet?

In 1874 Edward Bouchet graduated summa cum laude from Yale College. He was the son of a janitor

Who was Mary Jane Patterson?

In 1862, Mary Jane Patterson, considered the first African-American woman to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Who’s Lila Fenwick?

First African American to graduate from Harvard Law School. She later became a key leader for the United Nations Human Rights Division.

Hottentot Venus -Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman 1789-1815


Freedom Isn't Free

If you realize that freedom isn’t free then you would be more cognoscente and aware of the actions and impact you have in the world. When you become aware of the agenda of others to portrait your culture negatively by promoting images of women lacking intelligence and prostituting themselves, thug images, and drug dealing promoted as the only way minorities can obtain money-you must deprogram yourself and those around you. You recognize youtube situations such as World Star Hip Hop, Love and Hip Hop Shows, and other avenues for the reprogrammed to accept the new Minstrel show.

When you know better you do better. The generations before respected the blood sacrifices of those that paved the way so achieving and conducting yourself in a dignified manner was an accepted behavior. Protesters for civil rights often had a code of conduct and code of dress required because it was important to carry oneself in a certain manner-dignified.

When you know your history you keep moving forward. You stop hurting and mistreating your own people because you recognize the conditioning of the behavior. You understand the importance of the unity of family. You remember that all steps towards progress occurred due to the pavement set by others.

Carrying on the legacy

What made Rosa Parks become the spark for national attention?

According to Elsie Law article, Rosa Parks revealed the photograph of Emmett Till's disfigured face in his casket is what set her mind on refusing to give up her seat on the Montgomery bus. Moving forward as a nation we must first begin to analyze the actions of our household and our behavior towards one another. This does not excuse accountability of others but the mindset and the household has to reflect the respect of the sacrifices of others to stand united against injustice.


Stay Together-Build Wealth Together

Staying together, partnering together, and an understanding for the purpose of your life journey certainly makes ones economic situation better, doesn't it?


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