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Top 3 Issues African Americans Face in the U.S. Today

Updated on June 16, 2014


African Americans face several major issues in today’s society from racism, the criminal justice system, to finding employment. It's believed that the top major issue facing African Americans is racism.

Throughout history and until the present day, African Americans have been treated unfairly and unjustly because of the hatred some people have from the color of their skin.

This practice of hatred in this nation has existed since the time that African Americans were sold into slavery. It is sad that many people are treated wrongly because of their skin color but this is a fact of history that not only exists in our own country but also across the world.


Crime And The Criminal Justice System

A second major issue African Americans face is crime and the criminal justice system. It is a disturbing fact but it has been said that more African Americans go to prison than go to college.

According to the NAACP website, “Together, African Americans and Hispanics comprised 58% of all prisoners in 2008, even though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately one quarter of the US population” (Criminal justice fact sheet, 2013). African Americans get incarcerated at almost a rate of six times that of whites.


Advancing In Employment

A third major issue for African Americans is obtaining or advancing in employment. According to the Pew Research Center, “Much has changed for African-Americans since the 1963 March on Washington (which, recall, was a march for “Jobs and Freedom”), but one thing hasn’t: The unemployment rate among blacks is about double that among whites, as it has been for most of the past six decades” (DeSilver, 2013).

Just as racism has been a major obstacle over the years, equality in employment is been one that area that was and still continues to be an issue for African Americans today.



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