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Death of Taliban's Leader

Updated on October 24, 2013

Suspicious demise of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, under extenuating & embarrassing circumstances has puzzled people around the world. Stance taken by US & Pakistan, solely or jointly to hide the nature of operation is unbelievable. Both coalition partner for war on terrorism, are giving conflicting statements to cover up the operation and misguide the public by proclaiming shared/unshared security information.

10 years of Osama chase ended dramatically. His hideout in sensitive area and suspected support by Pak establishment has raised many simple but difficult questions for both countries to answer satisfactorily. Osama residing in Pakistan unnoticed by intelligence, military and local police, implies that the concerned authorizes were guilty of a massive intelligence & functional failure. How could it be possible for a high level target to live comfortably next to military academy for five years?

US forces sneak through our defense system undetected by monitory radars and then stormed the compound facing no opposition. One helicopter crashed and put to fire deliberately by steal team to hide advance technology for defeating radar signals. Next door military academy and air force wondering to know what happened. Steal team found him in pajamas, having no arm or posing no threat. In spite of that they shot him in head and chest, in cold blood in front of his daughter/relatives without giving him a chance to surrender, seems breach of norms and international laws. The world will find comfort in elimination of Al-Qaeda’s iconic head but would like to know hastiness in the whole one sided operation & cover up from both sides. If permission is required to interrogate left over family members then US should have sought permission to take his body for disposing off in sea in violation of Muslims rituals and practices contrary to normal Islamic practice. Operation to eradicate terrorism is appreciable by all walks of life but the way it was conducted in Pakistan is suspicious and questionable. What makes is more unbelievable is the information ban. Extenuating circumstances & what inspired in the room will tell the truth if exposed by family members or the seal team in due course of time for people to do critical analysis & conclude rationally.

Terrorism in any shape or form is not acceptable but people have right to oppose unilateral corrective actions overriding sovereignty of a country and then hastily disposing off the body to fabricate misleading cover ups. Sole ownership of this operation, by the US will label USA as a super power who will respect any law or norm of ethics, against its intended objective anywhere anytime. If US continue to this type of ‘do on its own’ rhetoric, it will diminish American influence due to militarized foreign policy which is a serious trend that needs to be opposed to have corrective measures taken by UN in order to avoid future incidents.

Total failure of Pak security system, military and establishment are extremely disappointing for people to swallow. Apparently, either Pak authorities were not aware of the operation as per secretry of foreign affairs and were too busy in power sharing struggle and came to know of it after the operation. There is plenty of coverage on political maneuvering for minister ship in federal cabinet but hardly any stance on Pakistan’s failure in stopping foreign invasion on its soil. It does not appear to be cover up by Pak authorities to avoid militant backlash. If Pak Army and government were ignorant of the operation then people of Pakistan should revise their priorities and abolish military budget as they failed their professionalism.

The money US is pumping would certainly compel American to revisit its policy on war on terrorism and coalition with Pakistan. Though there is an outburst of demand by Americans to suspend financial aid to Pakistan due to breach of trust, double dealing and protection of Osama in secured area; US seems to have no intention of packing up from Afghanistan/Pakistan in the near future and Pakistan will continue to budge against American demands due to its survival on American financial help. Obviously, this trend will continue for unforeseeable time until extremist come to senses and stop terrorism, US amend its foreign policies and vacate occupation of Afghanistan/Pakistan and Pakistan strive hard to stand on its resources and be able to defend the country against foreign invasions.

Mohammad Ashraf

Winnipeg, MB Canada


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