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After Romney's Failure On Tues, What Will Happen to the GOP?

Updated on November 9, 2012

How will the GOP recover from the Romney disaster?

The writing is on the wall that Romney will lose his race for President of the United States on Tues. Here are a few indications that the race is over:

  • Governor Christie one of the leading voices in the Republican party praising President Obama's handling of hurricane Sandy. He is looking to the future and it doesn't include Romney.
  • Romney is running around campaigning in non-swing states perhaps trying to shore up house or senate races for his party.
  • Ryan has been sent into hiding so he can't do any more damage
  • Campaign leaders like former NH governor Sunnunnu are putting out racially charged rhetoric trying to rally up the Archie Bunker base one last time.
  • A flailing Romney campaign is putting out deparate lying ads that everyone knows is false but they don't care because lies are all the campaign has left.

From all measurements of politics, the Romney/Ryan race for the White House will most likely go down as one of the most poorly run campaigns in history and the biggest blown chance the GOP could ever expect at trying to retake the White House.

Here we have an economy still reeling from a deep recession. An economy just now showing positive growth in jobs, housing numbers and consumer confidence. You also have a black president so you can count on a certain percentage of American votes being racists. You also have a major healthcare reform that the American public has a hard time understanding.

But Romney just couldn't get any traction against Obama's track record of solid foreign policy, the killing of Bin Laden, ending of the Iraq war, passing equal pay for equal work, ending don't ask don't tell, passing major healthcare reform, and U.S. saving the auto industry. Not even with the support of Fox News, America's most watched cable news network.

How did the GOP blow it? By nominating a man whose track record was being the governor of a liberal state, a man who represents the 1 percent - the rich among the rich, the people of Wall St. who screwed over the American economy, a man who belongs to (by most people's standards) a weird cult religion, and a man whose strange robotic mannerisms makes people think he is from outer space.

But the GOP also blew it by fielding a primary season full of wackos. The only level headed one in the bunch was Jon Huntsman and he never got out of New Hampshire. The rest jumped in the clown car and headed off to demonstrate that the GOP is the party of extremists and far out tea party craziness. How else in the year of Occupy Wall St and the decline of the middle class would Thurston Howell Romney, a man with money stashed offshore in Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts, a man who would even release his tax records, a man who made a killing gutting companies and shipping jobs to China, a man would can look you in the eye and lie his ass off, ever rise to the top of the ticket?

Indeed the GOP party went to bed with the religious right, the Tea Party and libertarian extremists. They've been killing off their own moderates either be attrition or election. They force their members to sign "no tax" pledges and they allow themselves to be bought outright by mega-rich people like the Koch brothers and big coal.

If that were not bad enough they have filled their ranks with rape defending, women hating, climate change deigning, gay hating religious nut bags who seem bent on taking the country back to puritan New England.

How can a party with so many problems move forward from this? Truly the number of angry old white men, the GOP base, is in decline. Without a major overhaul of the GOP's positions and a distinct move of the party to a more moderate center, I can't imagine this party being viable as America moves forward to the new challenges that await.


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    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 5 years ago from New England

      Karl Rove's face when Ohio was called on Fox News - priceless!

    • profile image

      huckelbury 5 years ago

      Kudos from a New Hampshire neighbor. With respect to what will happen after the election, the GOP will either blame Romney for a failed campaign or finally admit that the party has moved so far to the right that it can't attract moderate voters. Failing that, it will continue to drift farther to the right, as it did in this election, and alienate even more of the electorate. If Romney's their best shot, their future isn't pretty. Nice job here. Let's celebrate on the 7th. Voted up, of course.

    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 5 years ago from New England

      Yup not everything in life is perfect. Reps voted to slash funding for embassy security. We have no way of knowing that such events won't have happened under McCain/Palin. We do know that Bush/Cheney got us into several long wars and dropped the ball on finding Bin Laden. Plus we know that Romney/Ryan suck at foreign policy.

    • Paul Revere profile image

      Paul Revere 5 years ago from Michigan

      "Obama's track record of solid foreign policy"

      What are you smoking?

      fast and furious?

      Benghazi 9/11?

      Need more?

    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 5 years ago from Michigan

      I am not sure we have to blame the candidates for what is going on. They sell what the public wants... It is unfortunate, however those who are to blame are... us...

      There was an article in the news yesterday, that the total spending for this campaign would be around $ 6 billion dollars...

      We are in economic distress, yet we were able to spend $6 billion on this wretched campaign...

      Before we talk about candidates, we should be talking about ourselves...

    • profile image

      SassySue1963 5 years ago

      First, let me state, I allow all comments on my Hubs for that very reason, but let's not act like the Hubbers who are left leaning are any better. I've had many respectful, factual comments denied simply because they did not praise the author or back their position.

      On to the talking points of this Hub:

      #1: Christie needs disaster relief. Period. Obama eliminated the need for some red tape and he praised him for that. You'd just complain he didn't give credit if he hadn't. He isn't planning for any future without Romney. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

      #2: Romney campaigned in Florida, PA, Michigan among others. All states up for grabs. Claim debunked.

      #3: Ryan was just today in Wisconsin, another state teetering on the line. Claim debunked.

      #4: A general comment without any merit. Name a specific and we can discuss it. You know, of course, there are tons of racial rhetoric and hypocrisy within the Dems to counter with however.

      #5: See the current Obama ads with the elderly talking about "burning this MFer down" and children singing about all the horrible things Romney will bring if you really want to talk about fear mongering politics and a campaign in desperation mode. I'm happy to talk about specifics if you name some.

    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 5 years ago from New England

      It would be nice to think that the GOP could expunge the extremists but the problem is they need numbers. A party can't survive with the 1% alone. They need the religious right that they control with the abortion issue, the NRA gun nuts, the KKK types, conspiracy nuts, isolationists and Tea Baggers just to get their numbers up to be competitive. There are just so many angry old men around and they are dying off.

      They have the money, but still in America you do need individual votes.

      So where can they get the numbers if they get rid of the extremists?

      Maybe if they came back towards the center they could pull over some Democrats but they seem to be leaning getting more and more to the extreme.

      The next president is certainly not going to have it easy with the European mess that will continue to put a damper on the economy. Gov. Christie is counting on that but hopefully Congress won't act like the spoiled child like they have for the last two years or so.

    • profile image

      Justsilvie 5 years ago

      I think there will be some Major effort to take the party back from those crazy wingnuts that hijacked it. Maybe the will send their puppet masters like Rove into exile...

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 5 years ago

      Zackly! Altho - weird is not the word i would choose to

    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 5 years ago from New England

      ghost32 has a strange view of democracy or debate. He's kind of like Rush Limbaugh, just wants to hear himself talk. But the strangest behavior certainly is deleting someone's comments YET commenting on them without anyone seeing the comments he is referring to or even letting the original poster have and rebuttal.

      Can you imagine a debate where they cut off the microphone on one side but let the other person comment on what was said? Weird!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "But Romney just couldn't get any traction against Obama's track record of solid foreign policy" - I honestly do not think Obama had a great record on foreign policy. He has more or less followed Bush's agenda. He actually increased the bombing and killing of innocent civilians with his little video-game drones all over Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan ... this is actually counter-productive as innocent deaths draw more and more individuals to join the fight as a mujaheddin. Big blunder ... I still cannot believe the lack of judgement here, on part of the DoD and Obama's advisers ...

      Back to the election though. I think Romney is too stiff, switched colours like a chameleon a few too many times and lost any little trust he may have had from people. He was a failure four years ago (I mean, let's be serious: he lost the GOP race to Mr. Mummy McCain ...) and he is a failure now ... nothing much changed.

      It'll be interesting to see what happens in the political spectrum after the election.

      Thanks for the read.


    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 5 years ago

      Clown car is right! You know the gop's number, my friend - and so do i - and yet - just 5 minutes ago a rabid republican wrote on my wall that he's so glad i can't vote in the states (yet), and that i should get my tissues ready! lol..

      The absolute refusal to see fact - or even WANT to see fact - frightens me more than just a little, and - i wish it frightened a few more! i made a comment on ghost32's hub - it was (if i do say so respectful, insightful, and intelligent, and - HE F**KING DELETED IT(he said it was because i called palin a moron, and he won't tolerate that on his hub - omg)!

      And to make matters worse - he proceeded to denigrate the comment while it was not there to stand on it's own merit!

      THEN - he deleted the comments of EIGHT others i had rallied to his hub to ask (also POLITELY) to re-post it in the name of the 1st amendment and the constitution - which he swears he's upholding in his urgency to get Obama OUT! Even some of his own said he should repost it!

      These folks are rabid - and i believe racist, as not one of them can give me a factual answer. they just yell, scream, name call, swear - and delete comments.

      I've just written a political piece myself, sir - and - if you get the chance - run over there and notice the ONE idiot comment..

      i believe you'll be quite amused...and saddened..

      sharing! (sorry for the novel...coulda written a damned