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After Watching Rod Blagojevich On Celebrity Apprentice I Want All Politicians To Appear On A Reality Competition Show!

Updated on April 7, 2010


Why am I the only one thinking of this or have politicians been approached and been too afraid to participate in a reality show where we get to see if they really possess any of the skills or attributes we actually want in our leaders? One of the things that always has boggled (but not surprised) my mind is the fact that when you look at most major and not so major political campaigns, the one with the most money (or who has friends, lobbyists and industries with the most money behind them) wins. It’s a simple fact folks. People can talk all they want about “By the people for the people” but there should be an asterisk over it with small print below that states “for those who have all the money.” Hey, it’s just the way it is or was until I watched the first four episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and hatched my plan. Now I get it, now I get that instead of the campaigners “tweeting” to show how hip they are or shouting “Baby Killer” on the Senate floor to get attention, we need to get them where we can really see them. After watching Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice I want ALL politicians to appear on a reality competition show! – Don’t Get Me Started!

The train wreck that was and is Blagojevich started long before Celebrity Apprentice but the beauty of that show is that these people are given tasks and you see just how good (or awful) they are not only about organizing the task and working with their teams but you see just how good or bad they are at doing even the most simple of tasks. Take Blagojevich for example, had no idea how to turn on a computer, use it, type or even answer a cell phone. Think I’m making this shit up? Watch some of the episodes and then write in your hateful comments to me. What you see is someone who is so good at waving to crowds, shaking babies and kissing hands but has no substance or intelligence. If I didn’t know better and was more of a conspiracy theorist I’d be convinced that this is what most politicians are, they are simple minded folks with decent hair who act as Pinocchio while somewhere some company or political organizer plays Geppetto, pulling the strings telling them exactly what to say and how to vote. All the while surrounding them with sycophants who tell them how wonderful they are while doing everything from sending emails for them to tying their shoes for them so that no one will ever pay attention to the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

I really want to believe that Rod Blogojevich is the exception but I know in my gut and heart that he is the norm. Here I think that our politicians are all smarter than me and that they understand these farchacta laws they pass with tons of big words and hidden subsidies to the lobbyist groups that fund their campaigns when in actuality they can’t even answer the phone or a question that isn’t having to do with their target demographic or has been drummed into them by their puppet masters.

I think the militia groups in this country who are unemployed boys playing with guns and want to go to the White House to take over the government from the “black man” should be tried for treason but I gotta tell you, when I watched what a moron Blogojevich was and is it made me really angry. Not angry enough to do something stupid like the militia boys or create a bunch of fear and hate speech to create a whole new party for Sarah Palin to lead like those morons the Tea Baggers (who should know that “tea bagging” in the gay community means squatting over someone else’s face and “dunking” your balls in and out of someone’s mouth - makes me happy every time I see one of those red neck losers screaming, “We’re Tea Baggers And We’re Not Going To Take It” – no, technically if you’re the tea bagger you’re NOT going to be taking it, you’re going to be giving it but I guess that’s just too technical for you simple folk) it doesn’t make me angry enough to do something crazy but it certainly confirms what so many of us in this country think which is that by in large our Congress is filled with morons who have some big business folks pulling their strings.

So, here’s the solution kids. We need to get everyone from local politicians to the Grand Poobahs who get to go to Washington, DC and ride around in long limousines and give them one task to complete with the use of all of their aides that they’ll be taking with them if they get into office. I don’t want to hear any more speeches or see ads on television telling me how their competitor is a crook and that they approve of the ad campaign. I want to watch them in action and then make my own decision about whether or not I approve of them. I want to see who they plan to take with them to create their speeches; I want to see them in meetings with lobbyists and the rich folk who give them money for their campaigns, I want to see it all for a twenty four hour period while they try to create a program to help the homeless or put better nutrition into our school system. I want us all to see it because what we’re missing in this technologically advanced age is some reality programming that will assist us in creating a better reality for ourselves and our country. Are you listening Mark Burnett? After watching Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice I want ALL politicians to appear on a reality competition show! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thank you De Greek - and I shall leave your self-promotion here as I believe that unless we feel good about tooting our own horn than why should we expect anyone to listen?

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      Now THIS is Scott quality:-) And it is true that the people who rule us are mediocre. If you want to see a true example of how quickly they can be manipulated, see my "Saving Privates Stone, Ramirez and Gonzales". You can erase this so that people will not think that I am self promoting :-)

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      good reading hub he should be on swindlers list

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Who would produce the show or who would be on it? As far as producing, I think Mark Burnett who created reality television with Survivor but I think local networks could get involved too and do it within their local community, using local production teams and those running for election.

    • BetsyIckes profile image

      BetsyIckes 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      That would be a great idea! I wonder who would make it?