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After the 2016 Presidential Election

Updated on November 7, 2016

There are a few certain things that will occur if Clinton or Trump wins. Should Clinton win, there is no doubt her presidency will begin with hefty wounds inflicted by Trump- her email scandal (which magically ended just before Nov. 8th, with Comey stating it was a “false alarm”), the Pay for Play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation (while the foundation has done a lot of good, there is also a seedy and dark side to it, which makes me not to donate), and anything else the Republicans and others can toss. She will become an ineffective leader because of these and other reasons as times goes on. If the Republicans control the Senate and\or Congress, the next four years could be a lame duck with one scandal or diversion after another haunting her. Maybe the FBI will discover emails again, maybe they will indict her.

There is a reason why 50% of all Americans do not trust her.

If Trump wins, the same can be said but to a lesser degree. There is the Trump University scam to make wannabe real estate tycoons rich (only he got rich), lawsuits from him towards women who said he had conducted sexual assault, lawsuits from the women, Trump’s war against the Press, and anything else the left wing media and Democrats can find to disparage him, like his ties to Russia and Putin, his tax returns and so on.

There is a reason why 50% of all Americans do not like him.

The election does show the future voting power of the Latino\Hispanic Americans, especially in the swing states. While they vote mostly liberal pro-Democratic, many are not, especially those in Florida. It is possible that this group will decide this and future national elections much more than the Black vote. In fact, perhaps in 2020, the next president will be a Marco Rubio or other Hispanic-American.

The color of America is turning to a shade of brown.


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