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Agenda to Make Kashmir a Hindu State

Updated on January 8, 2021

Munira Karam, Pakistan's envoy to the United Nations, has said that Pakistan will raise its voice against the BJP's agenda of making Kashmir a Hindu state at every forum, including the UN. BJP wants to make Kashmir a Hindu state. At the Human Rights Council, 50 countries issued a joint statement against India on the Kashmir issue. International organizations want to investigate the issue of Occupied Kashmir, but India is not giving access to Occupied Kashmir to international organizations. India is currently under global pressure. He has trapped himself by changing the status of Kashmir. We have to legitimize Kashmir's struggle for independence. India tried unsuccessfully to paint the Kashmiris' struggle for independence as terrorism. International law allows us to take up arms in the struggle for independence, so we have to increase global pressure against India. Global pressure on India over human rights violations will increase. Kashmiris should feel that Pakistan is always with them. Pakistan's friendly countries are also with Kashmiris.

India has escaped sanctions due to the support of several major countries. The newly elected US President and Vice President have made statements in favor of Kashmiris. It remains to be seen whether statements will become policy in the Biden administration. The US is not expected to change its strategic alliance with India, we have to try to get the Biden administration to fully support the Kashmiris. On August 5, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the first time since 1947, changed the law on citizenship in Indian-administered Kashmir, which experts have described as an Israeli-style "settlement" plan. Modi's strategy of Hindu nationalism in the Palestinian territories is aimed at changing the proportion of the population in the Muslim-majority region. More than 65 per cent of the region's population is Muslim, compared to 100 per cent in the Kashmir Valley, the epicenter of the clashes. Following Modi's move, India sent tens of thousands of additional troops to Kashmir for a major security operation, with restrictions such as prolonged lockdowns, sieges and curfews imposed to prevent a possible backlash. Thousands were arrested and communications were shut down for months. The state of Jammu and Kashmir was declared a federal territory under the central government of Delhi, while the Ladakh region was formed into a separate administrative territory.

The Modi government has repealed special housing laws in Kashmir since 1927, which ensured that only permanent residents of Kashmir were entitled to land and property, government jobs and university admission. They will be the only ones who will be able to vote in the local body elections. Now certain people from any part of India can apply for Kashmir domicile certificate which will give them access to all the above rights. They include people who have lived in Kashmir for 15 years, about 28,000 refugees going to Pakistan, and more than 1.7 million workers from other states, most of whom are Hindus. In addition, government employees who have worked in Kashmir for seven years and their children and some students are also eligible for residency. Locals will now also have to apply for a new domicile certificate to obtain permanent residence rights. They will need to prepare their Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) to prove their eligibility. An engineering graduate said that in return for employment, India wants to buy political loyalty from young Kashmiris. India says if you want a job, first get a domicile document.

Jammu and Kashmir was a powerful state. Most of which is spread over the Himalayan mountain range. Jammu and Kashmir is bordered by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the south, India, Pakistan in the west and China in the north and east. The area occupied by India in Pakistan is called Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is divided into Jammu, Kashmir Valley, Ladakh and Gilgit-Baltistan. Indian-administered Srinagar is its summer and Jammu is its winter capital. And Muzaffarabad is the capital of Pakistan. The Kashmir Valley is famous all over the world for its beauty. Ladakh, also known as the "Little Tibet", is known for its beauty and Buddhist culture. The state of Kashmir has a Muslim majority, but Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs also live in large numbers. Kashmir is to be decided on the basis of majority population under the principle of Partition of India. But political conflicts and the Maharaja of Kashmir's conspiracy with India have confused the moral and fundamental right to freedom movement. Against this, the people's independence movement started in Kashmir. In which millions, lives and honors were sacrificed. Which continues to this day. The BJP-backed hardline Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) has long campaigned for such a new initiative in Kashmir. In addition, the Modi government has introduced a controversial citizenship law. The move has frightened India's 200 million Muslim minority, who fear Modi wants to make it a Hindu country. However, the Indian government denies this.

Historian and political analyst Siddique Wahid said the changes were the toughest since 1947. This was done with the intention of opening the floodgates of the population. "What I'm seeing in progress is nothing more than a Hindu resettlement plan," Mona Bhan, an anthropologist at Syracuse University in the United States who has long researched Kashmir, told AFP.


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