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I Love the Passionate

Updated on October 28, 2012

I love passionate people. I haven't been around long, I got two decades and few years under my belt. However, mediocrity surrounds me to the point I can practically drown in it. Then out of the blue, there will be a bright shinning lighthouse of someone who has found a destination to head toward.

It's beautiful the way those eyes light up and there is no hurl too high to jump. I feel like people will just settle now. "That's too hard...too long..." I have dabble in per-medicine studies, i have dabbled in arts, music, business, and engineering. The reason that I dabbled around so much isn't because I was doing a social experiment as much as I was looking for where I would be happy. How do I intend to make a living? What fills my heart with peace and keep my mind occupied?

What is my raison d'etre? What is the mistress of my life that will bear the fruit of my efforts?

I love passionate people. I love seeing artists put all their time in fine details of their masterpiece. I love hearing musicians pour out their souls into every note and beat. I love the way business partners celebrate after nailing a hard earn deal. I love engineers testing out their implemented ideas with timid fears and shinning expectation. I enjoy meeting with the medically-trained that diligently tend to every patient, regardless if it's a minor burn or a terminal illness.

Unfortunately, I don't witness this often.

I witness someone slabbing on paint because that is the easy and fast way to a degree. I dread hearing the cookie cutter song from someone put together a few beats together and loop it with words from someone else. Business men drinking hard after a hard day at work for dollar amounts they believe would equate to success. The fear that fills me when so-called-engineers would just make "it" because that is what is asked of them. Doctors who are doctors because that's the highest degree of education, have more money than they could possibly need, and fill someone's expectations of them.

This is the mediocrity that is suffocating me. And I can't help but feel like this resulted from our desire for success as soon as possible. Because life is too short, but it moves so fast. Why must we move even faster? Where did people go wrong that money, degrees, and ridiculous exceptions means WE WILL BE HAPPY?

Now, I am nearly finish with my highly accredited graduate degree. It's nothing fancier than adding a few extra letters behind my name. But it does make me more qualified for my "intended career". And I just don't know what to do with it. I don't know what to do with my current degree. I have a "professional job" that has very little to do with my degree. I don't feel satisfied when I walk out of work, I feel content when I'm done with homework, relieve when I pass a test. All of this is just me getting by, day by day, with minimal accomplishments and great effort.

I envy those who eat ramen noodles from their meager earnings. Because those meager earnings come from hours and hours of sweat over their greatest joy. I envy those that can afford to spend money recklessly because they went with their gut feeling and made the next great idea into a realty.

Who are these passionate people? Where are they?

They're us. Right here.

Don't let mediocrity wash you away. Aim for those light house that shines so brightly in the night.

Because we deserve great happiness and success from all our efforts - great or small.


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