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Airplane? My Butt!

Updated on February 19, 2012

Airplane? My Butt!

I grew up in Southern California during the sixties and seventies. It was a common thing for me to hear a high flying jet and look up to see a B-52 flying over on its routine SAC Mission, or to see the missile launches from Vandenberg AFB leaving their colorful contrail in the western skies after they had left the atmosphere. I have observed several missile launches in my lifetime and I must say without trepidation, that the incident that took place earlier this week off the coast of Los Angeles was indeed a missile launch.

But who launched it? NORAD , the U.S. Navy, The U.S. Air Force and even the Pentagon all admitted that they knew nothing about a missile being launched in the Pacific Ocean, just 35 miles west of Los Angeles.

The video captured by a CBS News traffic helicopter clearly shows alargemissilegoing nearly straight up and leaning in a north westerly direction. There are clearly flames visible from beneath the missile as well as a large plume of smoke in its trail. The government came out with an explanation the next day. They said that the “missile” was actually an optical illusion caused by a jet plane’s contrail.

Oh, give me a freakin’ break!

For one thing, an airplane does not go straight up. If there were flames coming out of the back of an airplane, it’d be in serious trouble. This was a missile.

Here’s what I think. There are three possible scenarios here. The first one is that the U.S was testing a surface launched missile from a submarine. The whole project was classified, so the government is not talking. But if that was the case, why test it so close to home? Something could have gone wrong and the missile could have headed toward a populated area.

The second scenario is: It was a mistaken launch of a missile by a U.S. Submarine during some practice maneuvers. If this is the case, heads will roll.

The third scenario? It was China or Russia exhibiting a show of power. Our beloved President was out of the country in India at the time of the launch (he goes where the jobs are). China or Russia knew this fact and decided to take advantage of it by displaying a show of military power close to our coastline. It only seems natural that our “enemies” would have submarines patrolling our coast beyond the 12 mile limit, and an opportunity to show off presented itself. The water in that area of our coast line is deep and a modern submarine could stealthily make its way to the surface, launch a missile and crash dive the hell out of there.

But you would think that with all of the naval activity in and around the Channel Islands of Southern California, something would have been noticed long before a launch occurred. Something is just not right here. Our government, our leaders are covering something up.

There are so many tensions in the world today. There is so much stress between nations, so much anger and animosity, and so much hatred. It seems that each country nowadays has created a special position for one very unlucky individual. That position is the job of having your finger on the button, ready to launch a missile or drop a bomb. Once you have that job, you don’t quit, you don’t retire. It is yours until you die. That position is the one that starts wars.

But then there’s that party that is thrown by that one obnoxious friend that we all have, the one that nobody likes, and therefore no one attends the party. But, what if somebody threw a war and nobody came?

The entire contents of this writing is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. © 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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