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Airport,Security, And luggage.

Updated on August 27, 2012

Journey Of Your Luggage

When you arrive at the airport and check your luggage in it gets a tag on it that assigns that luggage to you and the destination that your luggage is going. The tag also determines what maze of conveyors it will travel through to get to the plane that your traveling on.

Your luggage gets placed on a conveyor, then luggage travels along the conveyors and travels to TSA (Transportation Security Administration) TSA sends your luggage through an xray machine to determine if your luggage needs to be gone through do to suspicious items in your bag.

If there is an item that looks suspicious in your baggage, TSA will take your luggage off of the conveyor and hand check it. This is where all your personal stuff gets gone through by a total stranger and it will make you say "OH MY" and here's why.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage at the airport after you checked it in and it leaves your sight. Here's what really happens to your luggage on it's long journey through airport security that will have you saying "OH MY"

Things That They Find In Your Luggage

Some of the items that make TSA go through your baggage that you might want to consider never packing again for your trip. These items are:

1.) Grandma's famous chocolate chip cookie dough.

2.) Fruits or vegetables

3.) Personal Adult toy's

4.) Never pack anything that can break..Like picture frames of glass or suveniors.

Why Not

The reason you don't want to pack certain items is because TSA if they see a anything suspicous on the xray they will go through your baggage. So if you pack Personal Toy's like a vibrator. Ladies security will be definitely checking your baggage and they will get a good laugh. Grandma's cookie Dough don't pack it and there is reason's for it which for security reason's I can't share that one just trust me don't pack it. The most important thing is don't pack anything that is breakable that has meaning to you.

What Happens to your luggage


Now back to the conveyor and where your luggage goes after it leaves your sight with all your little dirty secrets witch will soon be revealed to others:The conveyor system is not human and it can't read a fragile sticker and has no emotions so therefore every luggage gets treated the same no matter what shape or size. It gets hit by fast moving arms to transfer bags from one conveyor to another, it goes from smooth belts to rough belts when there is an incline and traction is needed, your bag will go around corners to get to its destination point. If your bag gets stuck anywhere in this maze workers have to retrieve the bag "Your Luggage". If it's a loose strap that stuck, the strap gets cut and bag is sent on its way once more from the point where it was stuck. If you forget to zip a zipper and your items fall out "TSA" is called out to that point to collect your belongings and put everything back in the bag. The smaller items and loose change are lost throughout the conveyor system and is impossible to figure out who's bag it fell out of. Your luggage is once again back on the conveyor going through it's journey to it's destination. "Thank you for your spare change". By the time you realize you have lost something it will be to late to retrieve it. I'm not saying that they don't try because they really do try to reunite the belongings to the owners. Every airport has a Lost and Found, but lets face it "if you loose cash and ask for it back" your probably going to get a response like " No Cash Has Been Turned In Im Sorry ". Now remember i talked about inclines that mean if a bag goes up and gets stuck it will most likely have to be taken off the conveyor. This is where gravity comes in and all your breakables in your luggage meet fate. Think of it like this, Your home, you pack your bag and you think its secure and everything inside will be ok right. Now lift the bag over your head and drop it on the ground, open the bag and see if everything is still OK. Because that's what will potentially happen to your luggage if it gets stuck. I like to think about the old Samsonite commercial with the Ape tossing the luggage around when i pack my own bag.

Tips To Keep Your Luggage Safe

 1 Make sure your luggage is in good condition. Zippers zip and old travel tags are removed. Check the bag for tears and holes that might get caught on anything. Replace old luggage with new luggage that will handle the abuse it will receive in its travels.

2 If you must pack electrical items like curling irons and hair dryers remember its going to "TSA". Think of other people looking at all your stuff. So don't pack what you don't want others to see.  And back to the toys and personal items if its embarrassing and funny its going to "TSA". They love a good laugh.

3. Golfer please for your own good make sure straps are tied as tight to the bag as possible and all zippers are zipped up. You don't want to see your clubs after its been stuck in a conveyor. If at all possible try to get the ticket counter agent to use over size and have them hand carry your clubs to the ramp.

4 Car seats please wash them before you bring them to the airport.  If at all possible try to get the ticket counter agent to use over size and have them hand carry your clubs to the ramp. they are so light they get stuck at every possible point and they never stay in the tubs that are provided.

5 When the ticket agent or sky cap loads your luggage on the belt try to make sure that they put the bag on with the wheels facing up and the handle is pushed all the way in. Also if your luggage is square or rectangle try not to pack it so full it becomes round. It will just tumble around at the inclines causing unwanted damage to the bag and belongings inside.

 Happy Travels!!! 


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    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Nice tips. There are many things we tend to ignore but your tips can help avoiding problems during air travels. Thanks for sharing.

    • GlstngRosePetals profile image

      GlstngRosePetals 7 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Jazzi480 lol yea they don't know anything cuz they don't show up till the flights about ready to leave and there bags go through the same system everyone elses bag goes through no favorites there TSA don't discriminate!! thank you for your comment and Happy Travels....

    • Jazzi480 profile image

      Jazzi480 7 years ago

      And your flight attendant has no idea where your checked baggage is!