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Al-Qaeda, Mujahedeen, and Ghaddafi: Rumors of War

Updated on April 7, 2011

A rumor of war is one that remain regional and usually undeclared. America has got into the habit of being involved in these types of insurgent wars. Vietnam was the first.

What al-Qaeda, Ghadaffi and Mujahedeen all have in common now is all are returning to power. The rebels that fight for freedom in Libya have a saying, " Under God we advanced, under NATO, we retreat. Indeed. Without America taking the lead, NATO is going its usual slow pace, with mostly France and the UK doing the fighting. Not really NATO, is it? The rebels have requested many more air strikes than NATO is willing to do and Ghadaffi's army, which is far stronger than "men in toyotas" are now slamming them heavy now almost to Benghazi. Within the rebels forces is an array of men and teenagers, some from the Libyan army and some ex-mujahadeen from Afghanistan, two were former prisoners at Guantanamo. These former US enemies are now training some of the rebels. They remain devout extreme Islamists. One of them is Abdel Hasady who trained in Afghanistan for five years. He recruits and trains over 300 Libyan rebels. His commander is Salah Barrani,  a former radical who fought for the Libyan Islamic Fighters. These men formed the group in the 1990's after returning from Afghanistan. Their mission remains to oust Gadhaffi. Then, there is Sufyan Qumu, who was part of al-Qaeda not far back and who nows also trains rebel recruits. Both men were active fighters against the US in 2001 along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border before being captured. The latter, spent six years in Cuba. Still is a terrorist. He was returned to Libya in 2007. Both claim to be pro-American, at least by 50%. They feel the US is redeeming itself by helping Libyan rebels. Of course, the wind may change if the rebels topple Gadhaffi.

Meanwhile, as the US pulls out of dear old Afghanistan, dear old al-Qaeda is making a nice comeback wherever the vacuum is. So, between the Taliban, local to Afghanistan and al-Qaeda, renowned for attacking anything Western, the northeast section of this country now is used by them to train more of their kind. Kunar province is host to many al-Qaeda training camps now, an area once controlled by Americans. Does this sound familiar? Um, Vietnam? Ditto, ditto, ditto. At the bases, terrorists from across the globe are now training in Nuristan. Even two Pakistani terrorist groups have training areas in the remote areas. Of course, America sees them via drones, we toss air strikes at them to "mow the lawn", but like nasty weeds, the damn things come back! 

Yep, sure sounds like Vietnam.


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