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Al-Qaeda Terrorists Attack Iran in Beirut

Updated on February 22, 2014

Al-Qaeda is seeking power in Lebanon and is willing to fight Iran and its Hezbollah terrorists that are already there. The recent terrorist attack upon the Iranian cultural center in Beirut by the al-Qaeda group, Abdullah Azzam, blew up parts of the center with two car bombs. Hezbollah is Shiite and have been supporting Assad in Syria. Because Iran controls them, al-qaeda, which is mostly Sunni, has declared war upon them. The attack wounded 129 people and killed six.

Each car was packed with 150 pounds of explosives, The Al-Qaeda group demanded that Iran and Hezbollah withdraw its forces from Syria and Lebanon. This was the second attack upon Iran and its proxies in the past three months. The first attack ripped apart of the Iranian embassy.

Oddly, both Iran and the USA are odd fellow allies in their war against Al-Qaeda especially inside Iraq where a large part of the country is in the terrorists control. Both countries have their own agenda as to why they want to dismantle Al-Qaeda. Iran does not like the competition for control in Lebanon nor Iraq and with al-Qaeda declaring war on them, this simply makes their goal more complicated. The USA just wants them out of Iraq and Lebanon so the region is more secure, this is not going to happen any time soon. Oddly, both Iran and al-Qaeda hate Israel, yet, until one of them wipes the other out, their focus on the common enemy is on the back burner.

Still, it is somewhat satisfying seeing Iran getting a taste of their own medicine. For years, they have created mayhem using Hezbollah.


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