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Al-Qaeda linked Rebel Groups Near Two Syrian Chemical Weapon Sites

Updated on April 6, 2013

The Israeli forces near the Golan Heights are carefully monitoring the al-Nusra rebel force linked with al-Qaeda and are worried.

Worried because two of Syria's biggest chemical weapons depots at the Al-Safira military base near Aleppo in the north and the Dumeir facilities 40 km northeast of Damascus are threatened by the more radical Islamist fighters. Al-Nusra is only a half mile from Safira. Reports indicate that as Syrian resistance faltered, chemical weapon suits and masks were issued to those troops still holding it.

Israel, for the first time, openly stated that if rebel forces seize the two chemical weapon areas, it will intervene to prevent them being used on Israel.

This is a more likely scenario, than not. The Syrian army is weakening and it seems it is just a matter of time until units in either site might collapse in some way allowing the rebel forces to gain access to some of the chemical munitions. The question arises whether they would be able to use it safely or not and if Israeli forces intervene it would almost have to be on the ground. Destroying the weapons with bombs would only contaminate the whole area, thus, chemical weapons must be captured and removed. Because of this, the whole Syrian situation is dicey.

The US is considering using ship launched missiles to attack Syrian aircraft parked on airfields, creating a no-fly zone near the Turkish border to allow humanitarian aid go in and out. But, if the Nusra group manages to capture even part of where the chemical weapons are stored, you know that is a red line.

Syria can only get worse before it gets better.


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