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Read & Watch Series: The Alabama Murderess Who Faked Being Her Own Twin, Audrey Marie Hilley

Updated on November 28, 2016

Audrey Marie Hilley was a black widow of the worst kind.

In 1975, Marie, as she was called, murdered her husband, Frank Hilley, with arsenic. Four years later, her daughter Carol Hilley began experiencing numbness in the extremeties, naseau, and stomach cramping. After spending months in a couple, of hospitals, doctors finally discovered she was suffering from arsenic poisoning.

What would motivate a wife and mother to kill those closest to her? The answer is all too simple: money.

But the story of Marie doesn’t end there.

Audrey Marie Hilley
Audrey Marie Hilley | Source

Police arrested Marie for the murder of her husband and the attempted murder of her daughter, but while out of jail and awaiting trail, Marie fled Alabama for places unknown.

She would surface several years later in New Hampshire under a new name, Teri Martin.

And again, the story doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot!

When police arrested Teri Martin, she admitted to being Audrey Marie Hilley. She also told them, while on the run, she had married a second time toJohn Homan of Florida under the alias of Lindsey Robbi Honnan – and the fake, deceased twin sister of Teri.

Sadly, even this detailed summary doesn’t provide an eighth of Marie’s story.

The Book: Poisoned Blood: a True Story of Murder, Passion, and an Astonishing Hoax by Philip Ginsburg (1987)

I can only imagine the wild goose chase author Philip Ginsburg must have felt he was on during his research for his 1987 true crime Poisoned Blood: a True Story of Murder, Passion, and an Astonishing Hoax by Philip Ginsburg.

Well, bravo, Mr. Ginsburg, bravo!

With the enigmatic Audrey Hilley as the subject and the talented writing of Philip Ginsburg, readers will find the tale addicting and the book extremely difficult to put down.

Unfortunately, Poisoned Blood is no longer in print nor available in digital format. Yet there is good news: used copies are available on Amazon for as low as one cent plus shipping.

The Movie: Wife, Mother, Murderer (1991)

Judith Light stars in the made-for-television movie about Audrey Marie Hilley titled Wife, Mother, Murderer. Only a few things in this movie vary from the book but they are minimal and the movie sticks relatively to the facts - just prettied up for viewers. However, with only a half hour running time, many of the interesting details such as Marie HIlley's childhood and such are not included,

While I most definitely favor the book versus the movie with this case, Wife, Mother, Murderer is still worth watching - just read the book first.

Where Are They Now? (Warning! May Contain Spoilers!)

  • Carol Hilley retired from the Anniston Army Depot after 30 years of service and now resides in Jacksonville, Florida near her brother Mike, his wife, children, and grandchildren.

  • Audrey Marie Hilley is interred at Forestlawn Gardens and Mausoleum in Anniston, Alabama.

© 2016 Kim Bryan


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