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Alan Keyes for President by Merwin Severtson

Updated on May 7, 2010

I Wrote Him In the Last Three Elections

Yeah... I did not like George W, Baby Bush, and I certainly was not going for Mr. "Yes We Can" (not).

I couldn't see putting someone in office, just because he's black. And even if that were a reason, there has been has been a far superior black candidate and a superior candidate regardless of color in Alan Keyes.

Mr. Keyes' credentials are beyond reproach, social issues, fiscal responsibility, anti-income tax advocate, and a staunch believer in Jesus. His intellect is incredible and his concerns are for the health of America. He was a black Ron Paul before I ever heard of Ron Paul, but better (I still wrote him in when Ron Paul was an option on the ballot).

Here is why I am kind of glad that he was never really going to get elected. I would have loved him to be President, and he would have likely set this country back on its feet... for as long as he lived.

I'll let that sink in a moment.

There are big governance strongholds (many) that would have seen to it that he would not have had much time in office, if any at all. By hook or crook he would have been gotten rid off by those mechanisms.

As an example of a leader, a man like Keyes is hard to find, and when one is found he is usually done away with, and usually before he gains the opportunity to lead. I am not saying if elected he would have been killed for sure, but a leader who will not go along to get along is usually removed.

And there, in general is the crux of the difficulties. Bush (both), Clinton, Obama... heck, all of them for a very long time have been puppets of the mechanism.

Obama is charismatic and I liked his method of delivery while campaigning even if I didn't care for "what" he was delivering, but he is a puppet. As a puppet, George W. rode the last wave of conservative enthusiasm, before the "right" became irrelevant. Reagan was a puppet though I hate to say it, I really loved him.

Well... what is this posting about? It is about something that has griped me for a long time. The gross merchandising of puppets by the Puppet Masters, to the American voter. Those global community, maestro manipulators of the masses, have been massaging our minds too long. Honestly... there is really nothing to be done about it, except to speak the truth, like Jimmy Stewart as Mr. Smith gone to Washington.

Vote for people like Keyes, then pray that they don't get elected. For, if they were to get elected they would either become a corrupted marionette responding to the strings that are pulled, or they are defamed, or they are killed.

We are being herded like cattle, and being subjected to a one world governance that is only interested in absolute power.


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