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Albanian provocation

Updated on January 1, 2015

The drone scandal

Serbs and Albanians are well known as opposite side of the same coin, but no body would dream that brother of Albanian prime minister would launch a drone with flag of grate Albania, above the Serbian football stadium.

That caused an immediate response by Serbian football fans, and disaster on the field. The game was interrupted and FIFA punished Serbia and Albania.

Albanians did not want to return on the field and continue the game.

The interruption

Fun video about incident

Who is guilty

The one who permitted this to happen, and the answer is FIFA.

FIFA did not allowed the similar situations to happen, but here we have an exception, those two countries should newer be in the same groups, it should be avoided by all possible methods.

And now we have problems, and for what, for nothing.

Is Fifa Guilty for this

See results

What will be next

Well, probably this two representations wont even qualify for the next round, an that is the worst thing that could happen.

Albanians beat even Portugal and has best chances in last decades to qualify for the SP.

So nobody wins here and no body wanted this.

Serbian-Albanian conflict

Serbian-Albanian conflict is the political relationship between Serbs and Albanians and, openly lasted for centuries, several times turning in an armed conflict. This conflict has a long and complex history, which refers not only to the territory of Kosovo.

Serb "Nebojsa Covic" described the conflict as a clash of "historical rights of Serbs and ethnic rights of Albanians in Kosovo". "Milorad Timotic", analyst at the Centre for Civil-Military Relations, stated that the following historical events are an introduction into Serbo Albanian conflict:

- Islamization of the most Albanian tribes in the 17th and 18th centuries;

- First Serbian Uprising in 1804 and the Balkan war 1912th


So after all that history facts, it was very clear that those two peoples cant play the game without an incident, and that FIFA should do something about that.

Why the did not do anything? Nobody knows, but if you are asking me, FIFA should be punished, they could do a lot, and the did nothing.

Now we can await for the next world or european cup, but the time is lost, and the chance will probably never return.

Serbian Flag

Great Albania

Flags of Great Albania and Serbia

Here are flags of Great Albania and Serbia, you can find much more info at Google, and examine the problem if you are interested.

Comment and share your opinion, and maybe we can change the world together.

We need to awake from the dream and do the right things, prevent stuff like this to happen, and than maybe just than, we will have a chance to start all over again.


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