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Alex Jones Documents False Obama Hope

Updated on April 25, 2011


Controversial constitutionalist, radio and television host, Alex Jones, has yet again aroused the masses with another film titled The Obama Deception. This documentary, in which he is both director and star, claims that President Barack Obama has turned his back on the promises he adamantly made to Americans under the disguise of "Hope".

In the two-hour long film, Jones focuses on the following among other topics:

  • The alleged puppetry that the US presidency has been and how Obama has his strings pulled by elites hiding in the shadows.
  • Why were both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, once fierce campaign opponents, missing together during the race to the White House?
  • The reason why there will always ONLY be a two-party system. It helps to understand why Ralph Nader and his Independent Green Party will never win the presidency.
  • Obama's supposed promise to bring the American troops home not being fulfilled.
  • The REAL reason for the bank bailout and how it was not meant to help Americans, but instead to stuff the pockets of Wall Street.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank posing as a government institution and Jones' proof of it being the opposite.

Watching this film planted seeds for critical thinking and dissent as it should be our right as free Americans, right?

Judge for yourself as I have by giving this video a peep.


"The Obama Deception" - An Alex Jones Documentary


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    • cherryb23 profile image

      cherryb23 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I also watched this film among his many others and it opened my mind up a lot. I think some people should just watch it and have a open mind.