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Alexandria, Egypt: From Little Paris to Islamist Stronghold

Updated on March 5, 2011
Women at the beach today
Women at the beach today
At the beach in the 60s
At the beach in the 60s
Typical dress code
Typical dress code
How could this woman enjoy swimming in this?
How could this woman enjoy swimming in this?

Even as recent as the 1970s, Alexandria, Egypt, known as "Little Paris" of the Middle East, was as European and cosmopolitan as any in Europe. The beaches were packed with people and women did not fear wearing a bikini or even a more modest "western" bathing suit. Women were not afraid to wear short dresses or skirts as they strolled to spend a day sunning at the beach. Shopping for clothes and make-up did not require a second thought. It was as close as one could to Europe without being there. Alexandria was home to legions of Europeans and Jews, five languages and five races. Ex-patriots recall having guitars and singing Beatle songs at a beach party, drinking and carousing. Today, you will see this sort of attire only on tourists that the locals dislike but for the revenue they bring in. Even alcohol is forbidden except in hotels that cater to infidel tourists.

The Islamist way of life began to creep into the local society in the mid to late 70s, and today, women go to the beach wearing not bikinis but covered head to toe black niqabs with only a slit for the eyes being exposed. No suntan cream needed. Even at the university, women are covered. The dress or short skirt, or any skirt, has vanished out of fear. Most of the Europeans are now long gone and more fundamental Islamists have taken over the city and home to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists who adhere to austere Saudi Arabian brand of Islam. For women, the bikini, skirt, blouse, dress are relics from a recent past.

Alexandria's, Mohammed Eissa, the city's top Muslim leader predicts that Egypt will soon return to its Islamic roots once elected into office. This may not happen this year, but soon. The bulk of the four million inhabitants are Muslim and most are poor, not the same class of people when Alexandria was European. One third of them have no basic utilities and 19% live on $3 a day. Now, only about 11 Jews live there. Eissa indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood got established in the city by first providing social and medical services to the poor, from there, they promoted the Islamic way of life and dress. Like a cancer, it consumed the population and drove out the infidels.

What the old timers worry about is also worrying American authorities. Will Egypt now slowly turn into another Islamic democracy or worse, like Iran? or, will Egyptians not allow the Muslim Brotherhood do what they did to Alexandria, to Egypt?

Look no further than Alexandria.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Islam's problem is public relations in the West. The extreme elements have always claimed death under Islam. They give Islam such a bad name I am shocked that muslims who are normal do not try to do something about it. Since they do not, the inaction is condoning their extreme brothers.

    • Taalib Pugh1 profile image

      Theodore Pugh 

      6 years ago from Wilkes Barre Pa

      I thought this Hub was very islamophobic. I feel that you fear the returning of the Muslims to really trying to practice the true pure tenets of the faith. They are trying to return back to the authentic teachings of islam not and brand as you stated that is from Saudi. Since you seem to know so much about Islam then you should know Saudi Arabia is were Islam began.

      Why is it ok for the Jews to return back to Palenstine and claim land back as Israel's and Muslims are terrorist or extreme or Islamist for returning back to the teachings and beginnings of Islam.

      Oh yeah ALLAAH does'nt need to choose, He just ordains what will be without any problem at all. He is All Powerful.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      7 years ago from US

      I meant new Temple I am half crazy fighting 3 days trying to get a simple hub up. Well whoever it is the Muslim or Islam one is jealous of the Jew that are God's chosen and true Muslims have come to me claiming they do not agree with Islam. Yes, I do mean Anti-Christ but he will claim to be Christ. That is when the Jew will know they killed the savior they are now expecting. Zola Levit was a Christian Jew and died back a few years but he had such knowledge born being a Jew. I learned so much from him.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Quite aware of the tribulations noted in the revelations, but I think you are referring to the AntiChrist, In any case, I would not be surprised if Egypt is much more pro-islamic within a year or two. I think it will be voted in by the general public.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      7 years ago from US

      I don't know if you read or study the bible but I believe it will be an Islam that will go into the new testement Israel builds and proclaim to be the Messiah and this is their sign (the Jew) to flee. Stop for nothing just head for a certain place.I believe this also to be the mid tribulation and time of the rapture or taking away of the church and I won't be insulted if you delete this.


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