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Alien Theories - Billion year head start?

Updated on March 1, 2012

The Earth Is Old

Time changes all things.  Nothing can stand against time.
Time changes all things. Nothing can stand against time.

Hard to Deny Alien Theories

Television has been absolutely flooded with programming concerning the possibility of "aliens" visiting Earth. Many very intelligent persons on every program will tell you they are convinced that aliens are here now and have always been here since man began to walk upright. For as long as humans have scratched images on cave walls, we have been looking to the sky for the answers. Ancient history shows over and over again that the history of early civilizations all begin with their "Gods" descending to them from the sky above. Almost always in or on some sort of vehicle or "flying carpet" or "fire breathing dragon" . Many of these stories include flying machines that could in fact attack them with high tech weapons. I simply cannot believe that these ancient people could really dream up such science fiction ten thousand years ago. How could these ancient people fill their stories with details such as the rumbling sounds and smoke and fire these flying machines would make. Where does this knowledge of flying machines making noise and fire and smoke come from? Could they just assume that someday, thousands of years from now, there will be rocket and jet engines, and then assume what these future machines would sound like? How could they possibly imagine that there would be smoke accompanied by fire and rumbling sounds when these flying machines come and go from Earth if they had not truly seen it? These kinds of examples are just so, so compelling!

Sunlight and Stone.  Our Earth is Extremely beautiful
Sunlight and Stone. Our Earth is Extremely beautiful

Big Head Start

As best we can tell, the universe has been expanding for about 15 billion years. Our solar system began to form only about 5 billion years ago, and planet Earth has been relatively solid for about 4 billion years. If other solar systems began to form 10 billion years ago, that would give a planet similar to ours a 5 billion year head start. My imagination soars when I wonder what fantastic technologies we might have only five and ten thousand years from now. Possibilities begin to seem limitless when I imagine our world one hundred thousand years from today. Now wonder what a civilization with a one billion year head start might be capable of. I don't think rational people can deny the likelihood of this scenario in this galaxy so large, not to mention the whole universe.

I'm aware of the incredible distances between stars and the overwhelming complications related to traveling to one of them. Physics tells us it's impossible to push a spacecraft to light speed due to it's mass, and that traveling at light-speed only, will not solve the distance conundrum anyway. We will also have to discover how to manipulate the fabric of space itself, if we are to visit distant stars in the future. Is it possible? Right now we cannot say Yes, but we must also admit, we cannot say No.

I certainly cannot confirm the Alien Theories, but I can't help thinking, there has got to be other intelligent life in this galaxy, and we will not be alone in this universe forever.

Do you think humans will one day travel to distant stars?

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    • darrenworks profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lake In The Hills, IL


      Thanks for the positive feedback! I also get the same feeling regarding the desensitizing of society to the potential truth about aliens on Earth. Whether intentional or not, I think it's working!

    • darrenworks profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lake In The Hills, IL


      Keep looking Up! The Alien topic is facinating on so many levels. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      An interesting topic but one you would think people would feel very comfortable now admitting the possibilities of other life out there.

      I for one am very convinced and you are right when you mentioned they are already here LOL, because they are and always have been, I personally saw with my own eyes a beautiful female being known to many as the Annunaki, I have no problem admitting that even when people sometimes raise an eyebrow or two, why should I because I did.

      I have seen many UFOs and would be honest when I say I believe some of them are ours and some are defiantly there’s.

      Either way society is being desensitised to the truth of there existence and I feel it won’t be long before a partial disclosure will take place.

      Great article by the way, rated up!

    • JamesPoppell profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting hub. I for one am a believer. There has to be other planets and life forms out there. To think we are the only ones in this vast universe is absurd. I think it is just a matter of time. Thanks for sharing.


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