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Aliens in America

Updated on May 9, 2010
Please don't run over the immigrants.
Please don't run over the immigrants.

It's no fun being an illegal alien

Okay, I know I'm no expert on social issues, but these are my opinions, so feel free to refute them.

America has had a long history of encouraging immigration, at least through legal means. Does anybody remember what is engraved at the feet of the Statue of Liberty?

The truth is, practically everyone in America is either an immigrant or a direct descendant of an immigrant, the only exception being descendants of Native Americans. And of course, there was discrimination back then too. If you weren't from Western Europe, you were usually treated like dirt by most folks in the 1800's.

Is today so different? So, immigrants are crowding our cities. Our cities have always been crowded. And they're not stealing our jobs, unless it's your dream to pick fruit or clean public bathrooms for a living. They're just people trying to get by in this world, just like us.

America's in a serious economic depression right now. If you heard that the economy in Canada was booming, mortgage rates were way down, and there were tons of good jobs to go around, would you want to migrate to Canada? If you're like most of the people who lost their jobs in the past couple years, I'll bet that vision of Canada sounds pretty good. Aside from the cold, anyway.

So, what do I think should be done? Well, for one thing, let's consider why so many people are trying to immigrate to America. Could it be because Mexico is a lousy place to raise a family right now? If they could get by in Mexico, do you think they'd be in such a rush to come here? Instead of just throwing people back over the border and leaving them to come running back, maybe we should take an interest in Mexico's well-being. If the economy started booming in Mexico, and more jobs were created down there, maybe the tide of people rushing to leave wouldn't be so great.

Then there's the whole issue of coming in illegally. There are legal avenues through which you can become an American citizen. So, why aren't more people using them? Could it be because they don't know any better? The economy in Mexico sucks, and it's government is more broken than ours. Is it a stretch to assume their education system is bad too? Maybe instead of building a giant wall, we should build a few more doors. If there is an obvious legal way into the country, why wouldn't people take it?

Here's another thing I think should be added to immigration reform: encourage new arrivals to move to states with less population. You know, those states in the middle of the country where you can drive for miles and miles through the desert without seeing so much as a gas station. Let's fill in the gaps in the country instead of complaining about overpopulation. We need to build more towns and cities out there. God knows we have plenty of people ready to fill them and work in them. And building those new cities will create more jobs, too.


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The bottom line is, these immigrants are not dangerous people. They're not degrading our country, clogging up our emergency rooms or leeching off our welfare programs. The vast majority are just people trying to get by somehow, and they know America is one of the best places to do that. They're just out looking for that American Dream they've heard so much about. Is that so wrong? I certainly don't think so. Instead of finding ways to keep them out, maybe we should work on improving their situation.


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    • profile image

      francis5k 6 years ago

      Undocumented alien' would be one of these special circumstances.

    • profile image

      francis5k 6 years ago

      very informative.keep it coming!

    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 6 years ago from Srilanka

      Europeans went searching opportunities and re-named the fertile lands they found in their own names. They developed new identities, new cultures and invented great things for the humanity during the latter half of last millennium. America also one of those lands. Before that there were others who did the same. Nowadays illegal people have no power to make their status legal. (Is that Mao who gave a no frill explanation of power?) So looking at them sympathetically. giving them legal status and and enjoying the cheap labor manual as well as mental is the win-win solution.

    • profile image

      francisid 7 years ago

      immigration is good..illegal immigrants aren't.

      as human nature,we tend to seek that which would make life a hell lot easier.people troop out to America to have decent jobs (or so they say..).We have been made to believe that life in the US is good,so people follow the bandwagon.Everybody has the right to dream dreams,and everybody has the right to seek for a greener pasture.And whether Americans admit it or not,they benefit too from these aliens,right?

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great great hub coverage great reading thanks. Give them us work visas those who live work here give citzenship all happy thanks