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All About Social Responsibility

Updated on March 6, 2017

How Can A Person Reflect Appreciation For Wildlife?

Last March 3, World Wildlife Day was celebrated by people around the world to appreciate the many flora and fauna the Earth media social offers, as well as help conserve wildlife even in small ways.

We ourselves may be in another field. It may be a far cry from the environment, but seeing that we also have a social responsibility how can we show appreciation for wildlife?

1) Read materials about the environment. Does your broadsheet have a section devoted for newly-discovered plant or animal species? Simply taking the time to read its contents and sharing the knowledge can contribute much to conserving wildlife.

2) Seek the company of nature-lovers. They might be painters who love nature as a theme, or mountaineers who love to hike just to appreciate the beauty of nature. Whoever they may be, do your best to be with them. You may even join groups in devoted to that cause.

3) Consider making incident reports. Regularly visit This website contains news about the status of certain plants and animals that are or were in danger. If you know of a certain wild animal gone astray that is a part of the list, you can report the incident to authorities (eg. Beaching of oarfish).

4) In your own little way, make it your aim to help increase the number of a certain wildlife that is in danger. For example, we may conserve the seeds of seed-bearing plants and plant the viable seeds. It might seem little but for the plant, it means a lot. There is a report regarding trees that some of the reasons why some species of trees have entered the “vulnerable” status are being depleted fast, and the rate at which it is being replenished (through planting of seedlings, etc.) is low. Preserving the viable seeds and planting them is a way in which we can conserve the plants as there are species in which flowering or fruiting is just once or twice a year.

5) Finally, the simple act of recycling can save the lives of many of our wildlife. Consider the report of one big beverage company: “the plastic rings thrown in the seas get eaten by turtles and other marine creatures by the number (100, 000), and either get choked or die.”

As a solution, the barley residues that they produce they turn into rings as substitute for plastic rings. “This way, marine life can eat those without the fear of choking or dying. Instead, they will be fed and feel full.”

Indeed, recycling can have far-reaching effects. It will not only save natural resources. It will also show that we are responsible citizens.

These are just five ways we might be able to show we care for our wildlife. We might not be employed as guardians of our wildlife. Somehow, we also have something to contribute. That is, practice of the above steps. It need not end in 24 hours. Care for the environment can be a daily practice that we can employ ourselves.


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