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All Goths are Satanic right?

Updated on December 2, 2016
Typical Goth male
Typical Goth male | Source
Typical Goth female
Typical Goth female | Source
Image of Jesus
Image of Jesus | Source
Satanic image
Satanic image | Source
Goth band The Cure
Goth band The Cure | Source
Siouxie and the Banshees pioneered Goth look
Siouxie and the Banshees pioneered Goth look | Source

When you hear the word Goth or Gothic many things come into the mind, one of the images we have in our mind is a reference to a form of architecture. Another image would be the Germanic tribe the Goths who clashed with the Romans and then of course there is the subculture known as Goths in the music they listen to and how they dress and the connected Emo movement.

Most people when they think of Goths is of pasty faced people dressed in black and frequenting graveyards or going on the Whitby Dracula tour in Yorkshire having a very dark and sombre outlook on life into various forms of Wicca or Satanism.

While the fact of many Goths wearing black is true some do not always stick to this uniform and some are not always Satanists or Pagan. Goth as a movement has always attracted people in the main who felt they did fit not it into society and were attracted to the movement because it offered them an alternative society where they could fit in with like minded people. There are laws now in the UK where you cannot discriminate against Goths as many have been attacked or injured or even killed in fights with their enemies the Chavs.

Going back to the religious belief of Goths, some are Christian and attend church just like any other group of people in society. They accept Jesus and God and read the Bible and probably get thoroughly sick of people seeming them as devil worshippers and that wearing black is a sign of death or the devil. As they rightly say black or darkness was created by God look at the night for example or dusk or the winter months in some countries, bleak to some yes. However It is just one of God's creations, the perception of darkness or someone wearing black is clearly a matter of perception.

Black or darkness has been regarded as evil because down the years that is how it has been presented and in the 20th/21st Century movies have always shown villains dressed in black look at Darth Vader. The Bible says light is of God and darkness is of evil, however, the fact that God created the night that follows day shows night is of God and in Christian Goths their soul is Christian so look beyond the black clothes or scary make up and you will see as devout a believer as any other type of Christian. There are also many Christian Goth bands out there some just forming and some have been around for a long time, well known Goth Christian bands would be Dark Valentine, Saviour Machine, The Awakening

There was a case of a church that opened at night specifically for Goths and even a Goth vicar so that the church could win souls from the Goth community and even attract Goth Christians who felt unwelcome in mainstream churches.

So I hope I have done the Christian Goth community a service here and show that not all Goths are morbid Pagan or Satan worshippers.

Symbol of World Goth Day
Symbol of World Goth Day | Source

A Fest of the alternative

World Goth Day is a day where those who love to dress in black and be alternative get to come out all over the world and present their way of life to the world.

World Goth Day originated in the UK through BBC Radio 6 in 2009 with Goth DJ's like Cruel Britannia and Martin Old Goth saying there should be a day to celebrate being a Goth and so the day of darkness (not necessarily darkness in a bad vibe) started in the UK and gradually spread to the rest of the world.

The day presents what it is like to be a Goth and presents their beliefs ranging from what my piece was about above to their fashion and music. World Goth Day has its own Facebook page and has its own website that adherents can subscribe to and inter - act with other Goths.

The charity The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is present at many World Goth Day Festivals which takes places on 22 May every year to highlight the discrimination many Goths attract for just for being and dressing different and to tackle this head on.

I think the facts that Goths and related people have their own day is brilliant after all other groups like Gays have their day so why not Goths? Also the fact there is a charity now fighting their corner and there are laws to protect them now from ignorant and uninvited physical and verbal abuse is a good thing.


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