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All Hail Painty!

Updated on August 11, 2016

This morning, at the Pennsylvania Rodin Museum, one parrot and one hawk painted pictures on up to 35 different sculptural exhibits. A bystander only got one photo of them in the act, and there's plenty that it does not show. Among the graffiti were a variety of weapons in use, an Angry German Kid, four penises, and seven mushroom clouds. Their end goal was unknown, but the museum speculates that they were trying to trigger a world class video opportunity.

All defaced exhibits had to be repainted at a cost of over $4,000 as the graffiti proved impossible to remove, and paint in the exhibits original colors was out of stock. The new colors, so far, don't sit well with most museum critics or travel guide authors. They say the paint takes away all the important detail and aesthetics. To make matters ten times worse, the defaced exhibits are going to cost upwards of $200,000 to re-sculpt. So far, the feathered gangsters have not been tracked down, even for a citation.


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