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All Lives Are Valuable

Updated on June 25, 2013

There's an old adage that all men, women and children are created equal. The statement should be honored by all individuals yet we know that isn't so. There are numerous individuals and organizations that believe otherwise. They pass judgement on anything from what a person wears to their choice of religious beliefs, from the kind of car they drive to their race, from the schools they attend to their political views, from being in motorcycle groups to a town's war memorial and more. It's somewhat insane at times listening to the back lash of their criticisms.

Yesterday I read a question that prompted me to share this hub. The question was should we should legalize killing of biker gangs. Legalize killings, are you by any chance related to Hitler, who legalized the killings of thousands and thousands of innocent people because they were Jewish. Did you support the Holocaust? Did you support the KKK who would hang someone because of their skin color? Did you support the hundreds of innocents people who were killed on 9/11 because of the Middle East terrorist hatred for America and what it stands for? What about those young men in the Middle East who have been stoned to death because they choose to dress in what their country men decided wasn't appropriate clothing? How about the Oklahoma bombing, were you on McVie's side? Do you support the senseless killings at middle schools, high schools and on universities? All these murders were committed because someone disagreed with a belief, mode of dress, your race, the color of your skin, a disagreement regarding religious beliefs and even political views.

Now the spotlight of hatred is being directed toward motorcycles clubs. Is it their ride of choice, that they have tattoo's, wear leather jackets, put skull caps on their heads, ride in groups, well which one? It can't be because some of the members have had run in's with the police or have gotten themselves in trouble. If that's the case then every group that gather's within the United States should be executed because nine times out of ten there is someone in that group that broke a law somewhere along the line.

Let me ask you this, what about our politicians, should they all be executed because in the past one of their colleagues were involved in manslaughter, having affairs, lied under oath? Then we have the Catholic Archdiocese and the sex scandal and murder cover up. Should all Catholics be executed? Should family members of sexual predators or murder's be executed? If we think members of a club should be blamed for the misgivings of another member then we may as well set of another atom bomb because our world would cease to exist.

I know that I've gone overboard with some of my examples and I hope by doing so that I got the point across that I am hoping to make. No, I don't agree with the behavior of quite a few groups and individuals yet that doesn't give me the right to ask that they be executed. Yet, it is my duty as a human to lead by example and hope that I can pass along the message of love, hope and faith. I hope that my example of love and hope can reach anyone who may be living a less than stellar life. One can only hope.


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