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All Men are Created Equal Part IV

Updated on June 15, 2012

The Future

So, what does it mean to say that “All Men are Created Equal”?

The lessons of history should be able to tell us that there is no on man, no one religion, no one specific philosophy of life, thought, or being that answers all questions for all men. No one form of government better than another. Especially when men within that society or any society take upon themselves to believe they have the right to decide for the whole without the support of the whole. They may be better at some things, smarter at other things, or rich enough to afford help that will compensate for the other two. But nothing on this Earth makes that a qualification that allows him to believe he is better than anyone else ever.

When I sit here calling modern day wealth tyranny, I am not talking about success that is earned. I am talking about the kind of wealth that makes certain men willing to use that wealth to limit the rest of us from our fundamental right to sit at the master’s table. We all have the right to be at the masters table. We all have the right to be masters of our own lives. We all have a fundamental responsibility to account for our own lives, and demand that all others be just as accountable.

However, no one has the right to determine what constitutes an “Entitlement” especially when we live in a world where the concept of the unemployment rate is being focused on as just a part of the ups and downs of economic life. As if it does not matter and as if nobody really cares. The unemployed care because they have no choice they don’t work they don’t eat. It’s just that simple. What an unemployment rate really means in a society such as ours is that there are not enough jobs to go around.

It means that someone somewhere is suffering. It means that someone needs help. It means that the time has come to recognize that we are not a rural society anymore. We are an urban society born of a rural society. What that means is very simple. In a rural society people whether they had money or not had the means to survive. You got water you got meat, bread, grain, whatever, you eat. In an urban society you are looked upon as a blot on society. Nobody wants to see you, nobody wants to deal with you and everybody wants to pretend you don’t exist. Until you have the audacity to ask for help.

This is not about entitlement this interdependence. This is about taking the time to understanding how the reality of society has changed. It means that everybody has a stake in the market place and everybody needs help in the market place. This is about understanding that the importance of interdependence requires us all to find a balance. A balance that means all need and all want. All need to be sustained, to be warm, to feel safe, to feel love, to feel alive. To start a new day knowing that all is going to be okay.

“All Men are Created Equal” is not about some men but all men. The phrase that precedes it is what gives it such clarity and depth of purpose. “…we hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT that…If I can perceive it, if I can understand it, if I can act upon, then I must be able to think it myself. It I can think it myself then other people are just as capable as I am to grasp. Such that when we can believe as whole and act as a whole, whether we can always agree or not we can all work together for a common cause.

I believe that this election season is a major turning point in our history. The recall elction in Wisconsin a very bad sign because it speaks to how effectively corporate wealth and power have succeeded in dividing the population against itself. The future of our country is being left to some very powerful people who want what they want when they want it, and don't care what they have to do to get or keep it.

These people demand the right to the biggest "Entitlement " of them all... their wealth. Let there be no mistake that wealth is an "Entitlement" that has just as much need to be questioned as is suggested about Social Security. If they are going to change the system and destroy Social Security then make the bulk of their wealth the engine that drives unemployment into the past.

Strike a balance. If nothing else there needs to be legislation that levels the playing field and eliminates election financing by putting in it's place basic federal funding of elections. Make corporations that control media outlets donate the airwaves for public debates. Make lobbies do pro bono work on public issues that are not financed by major corporations that employ them. Use public service as it was intended to give the public the means to decide the issues of the modern day. And, most important is to make these organizations who focus on mudslinging to support their candidate, qualify their words with facts or shut up.

"All Men are Created Equal" is an all encompassing statement that can be and should be the basis of a self-governed society. It's not about racial equality by itself. It is recognizing that all men of all walks of life have a stake in the future of that society. That all members of that society regardless of social or finacial status have the right to an equal say in how that society turns out. When one member or one group suggests that their needs are more important than anothers needs then the society in question ceases to be a self-governing one and tyranny results.

History shows me that idealism is great but most people are not out for the ideal as much as they are what will best help them get what they want for themselves. The Age of Enlightenment brought about an understanding that man was capable of thinking for himself. There were just not enough people who understood what this new idea meant. Certainly not what it could mean to them or their lot in the world.

History is filled with examples of the potential associated with "All Men are Created Equal" and just as many examples of how far this concept will have to go before it reaches that potential. Electing a Black Man President of the United States was the latest most promising example of that potential.

Re-electing the President, and making it the biggest landslide in American History I think will send a message that the status quo will no longer be tolerated. Then back that landslide by re-calling every member of the U.S. Congress if that is what it will take to take back the legislative process as an institution of the people by the people and for the people.

Strip the corporation of the financial control it has over both the election process and the legislative process. Or, at the very least, force powerful lobbies to do pro bono work for social causes that don't get the backing they deserve.

The only "Entitlement" that really deseves to be on the chopping block in Washington is the "Entitlement " of excessive wealth. When one person on the planet goes hungry or sleeps in a ditch, there is something wrong with a thought process that says "THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM?!?!" It is your problem because someone is suffering to make you wealthy.


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