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All Men are Created Equal Part III

Updated on June 13, 2012


Back when television was just getting started, the public duty of all media outlets was to report factual information to the public. It was intended as a balance between the Public and the government. Full disclosure of facts pursuant to events was giving the public the ability to decide issues that affected their lives as it pertained to the conduct of government affairs.

At the time there were three major networks. They focused on their news outlet as a public service to the nation. Then along came Ronald Reagan, as champions of the show business ilk. He, legislated opening up the competition up in a way that forced news media outlets to focus more on finding sponsors than they did on journalism. It was dollars over government accountability and ratings over substance. It it possible for major corporate conglomerates to buy up the big three major networks. Who, as it turned out were more than happy to put the squeeze on what was considered news worthy journalism.

Public notice and accountability were out the window. Hence, the days of a Watergate Scandal that could bring the White House to account was over. The Iran-Contra Scandal became more of a circus performance than it was a search for the truth. It was not about informing the public it was about ratings. Then there was the Whitewater Scandal where the Republican Party with the blessing of corporate controlled media spent $60,000,000.00 dollars to establish for the American People, that their President had no control over his libido.

I personally feel that Robert Felt the man identified in the Watergate Scandal as the infamous “Deep Throat” is a modern day American Hero. He should go down in the history books as one of the greatest Americans in his generation. His courage in facing down what turned out to be a very corrupt and dangerous Nixon Administration should be an example to us all. He demonstrated that most effective way to hold a modern day American Government and government officials to account, was by not allowing for secrecy to prevail as a government prerogative in the alleged name of national security. Even Charles Colson who was one of the Watergate conspirators an alleged Christian superstar when told of the true identity of the man who brought him to accountability had nothing respectful to say. Judge not for as ye judge so shall ye be judged.

The fall of the education system in this country is another by-product of the so-called legislating from the bench issues. It was Brown v. Board of Education that took center stage in the fight to desegregate schools in the early 50’s. President Obama is a direct beneficiary of that profound decision. It is my belief that some very powerful people and some very powerful corporations saw an opportunity to take advantage of this new political climate to quietly strip local, state, and federal budgets of the mechanisms that supported public schools. In the process they sacrificed the education of all Americans and trashed an education system that was once a standard for the world. It was done all in the name of racial paranoia.

Now education is nothing more than a business. Once again Ronald Reagan comes to the forefront. It was his policies that created the business of education as we see it today. If you have been out of a job recently you know what I mean. There are so many offers out there to go to school over and above offers for jobs that it boggles the mind. So many schools technical and otherwise that a whole industry has developed to deal with loan services.

The catch is that the costs to go to school today are ridiculous and the interest rates border on usury. What’s worse is that a whole industry has developed to cope with defaulting on these loans where the interest rates simply skyrocket. It has become clear that in order to get a good education these days it will cost as much as it does to buy a house or a car. One way or the other it is designed to put you in some measure of debt and keep you there for as long as possible.

These loans are generated by the same corporate entities that brought down the economy in the first place. This practice of buying and selling these loans in an effort make as much money off of them as possible. They are treated just like modern day mortgages are treated. There is no risk behind the knowledge that one way or the other the student and the home owner will inevitably be held accountable in the long run. With the added advantage that students cannot got out from under these loans because bankruptcy laws favor the loan industry. How much of the theft associated with this type of greed would go to recreate and reestablish the best education system in world?

So, what does it means to say that some corporations are too big to fail?

Are they above the law? Maybe it’s yes, maybe it’s no. More likely is the fact is that these corporations have reach such an international status, that they see themselves as beyond the law. More than likely at some future date they will be beyond the laws of the United States. A status they are using at this present time to manipulate their way around most of our tax laws.

And, once again Ronald Reagan comes to the forefront. It was the mechanisms behind the Trickle Down economy that gave these corporations the opportunity to get out from under the policies of the Depression Era. It was their policies of the time that tanked the economy in the 30’s. It was made their responsibility to help clean up the mess they created. And it was in response to that behavior that helped bring about Social Security. A fundamental lesson lost on the Tea Party and their major corporate backers or is it?

Our economy is where it is for two basic reasons. First the corporation has all but eliminated his tax burden to nothing. He not only feels entitled to his wealth, he feels entitled to as much of it as he can get his hands on. He is willing to spend whatever it takes to keep it. Does the term lobbyist come to mind? Most of all he feels no responsibility for the public his policies affect. Second is that while wealth has grown by major leaps and bounds wages have remained stagnant for the past thirty, forty years.

As a result housing costs are through the roof. Failure of medical insurance to absorb some of the costs of medical care in favor of profits is bankrupting even some very well off Americans. Gas prices are ridiculous. Wages haven't changed. The only ones benefitting from all this, are the financial institutions and Wall Street who were the primary players in this latest economic downturn.

It has made it harder for the average American to keep up. It has all but destroyed the middle class. This was engineered by corporations who wanted to punish our society for allowing collective bargaining to exist. Basically, because corporations don’t want to spend any more than they absolutely have to for labor. Not unlike their Southern States counterparts who would not pay for the work they needed done, but sought to protect their slave labor.

Hence corporations took their labor needs overseas. They took advantage of people too hungry to care how much money they were making. Making it possible to enhancing their overall profits by the ship load and engineering tax laws in the process to keep these new found profits intact. At the same time these corporations have all but destroyed the industrial might that helped save the world during World War II. It calls to mind the discussion of America’s greatest generation, as the one that fought World War II. It calls to mind another maxim about our economy in the form of how consumption is the engine that drives it. Why are corporations so indifferent to the people who have made them what they are? The people who have given them the means to be who they are?

Representatives of the Tea Party Movement and their corporate financial backers exist for one reason. To give corporate America a voice in the political process that keeps them from having to be accountable for what they themselves believe. It stems from the belief that their greed is righteous. That their indifference to the affect their policies have on average Americans is not their problem. They operate through the likes of disinformation specialists like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, who are all too happy to do their dirty work because they get paid very well to do it.

Take Rush Limbaugh for example. In 2008, I believe the raise he got came as a result of his efforts to help keep Hilary Clinton out of the White House. It was based on the irrational Republican and corporate belief that America was not yet ready to make a Black Man President of the United States. The proof comes in the form of using socialism to describe the President. The history of this attitude can be traced all the way back to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s that made it possible for a Black Man to become our President in the first place. These people really don’t know who the American People are. They are totally indifferent of the fact that their wealth comes off the backbone of average Americans who simply want to live as free and to some measure as comfortably as they do.

Before this giant collapse of our economy took place there was a call during the Second Bush Administration to privatize Social Security. It is my belief that these people calling for privatization being same ones responsible for this latest economic downturn knew what was coming. Because they did not want to be held accountable, they wanted some insurance that would delay the public disclosure of it for as long as possible.

What happened was that Social Security was not privatized and the collapse of the economy came as expected. They blew it, they know they blew, and they still don’t care. Since the collapse took place and Social Security is still intact the corporation as person has focus on their new but very old political watch word, “Entitlements”. This is an attitude that underscores the focus of the biggest “Entitlement” of all their wealth. Their willingness to use that wealth to maintain control of the legislative process in the form of lobbies speaks volumes about how aggressively and arrogantly the intent to secure that wealth really is. It all stems from how much they have been willing to spend to control the political process.

I love to watch movies. I have dreamed of a day when an Oscar could be mine. There are even some television shows that I like. However, I have come to realize that one of the most effective ways to appease people and feed them both apathy and hope is to create for them imaginary heros. Images that feed ideals of justice, accountability, sacrifice in the face of evil, and the prospect of the good guys winning in the end. Sometimes those heros tell us that it is okay to break the law for a good cause. It constitutes having someone to look up to in a world clearly out of control or clearly appears to be out of control.

I don’t wish to condemn show business as a whole. I love the arts. It’s just those parts of it that would give a very popular Agent Gibbs, or Magnum P.I. the right to justify killing someone in violation of the laws these characters appear to up hold. Gibbs killed the man who killed his wife and daughter. Although he was not afraid to take the fall he still appears to remain justified. For Magnum it was the Russian agent played by Bo Svenson. “Ivan did you see the sunrise this morning?” Bang!!! It was during the Reagan Administration. Ivan had been bragging about how limited Americans were when it came to dealing with the likes of his ruthless character. That’s when Magnum shot him. I was thinking at the time, you tell’ m Ronny, you tell ‘m.

When I was locked up I read and studied the Bible from cover to cover some twenty times or more in ten years. You would be surprised at what you can get done when you have nothing but time on your hands. I studied deeply into American History starting with the Civil War. I read many of the great American and World Classics. Finding that one of my favorite authors was Charles Dickens. He was a man who would understand most of what I am expressing here, because he had been fortunate enough to have seen British society from all perspectives and wrote wisely about them. I was able to create for myself a time line of Biblical History with that of Secular History. I even had a cell mate who was a practicing Muslim. I studied the Koran with him both to get along and learn something about their religion.

But, it was actually the events of 9/11 that made me decide to read the Koran and study that history so that I could make an attempt to understand the thought process of fundamentalist extremists. I had been learning to understand the extremes that existed in my own thought process as it related to ending up in prison, myself. I realized that fundamentalism in any religion was not only irrational it was dangerous. To me there is no difference between a fundamentalist extremist Christian and a fundamentalist extremist Muslim. They all spread nonsense of some irrational set of beliefs that dictate the right to decide for others their concept of God and his mission here on Earth.

This country is not what Dr. James Kennedy tried to say it was when he called America a Christian Nation. He wanted his followers to believe that our forefathers were focused on being Christians first. That simply isn’t true. They were weary of and fearful of the policies of the Church as state. How many people over the course of just Christian history have died in the name of Jesus Christ? What would a man like Jesus say about see in the Christian Movement of today?

He would likely see what I think I see when I think about the man, his circumstances, and his words ...The Money Changers. The people in the Temple he railed against that were focused on the business of God and not their accountability unto works. Today there are political movements in the name of Jesus that abuse and take advantage of people who come to church for spiritual leadership and guidance. I believe that most of today’s members of the Christian Movement who are focusing on Republican ethics were Southern Democrats turned Republican over the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. My father was such a Southern Democrat turned Republican and grew up a Southern Baptist, but ended his live being more or less agnostic.

There is a whole lot of speculation that goes on about what will happen when we are dead. Having managed to end up in prison, and taking a very long time to decide to actually grow up, I will worry about my death when it gets here. In the meantime I am focusing on my thoughts as they relate to my actions, and will be accountable for all my actions on my terms.

These people have determined that it is their God given right to be judge, jury and at times executioners of Gods will on Earth. These people demand the right to tell us how they think we should behave. They have effectively turned the pulpit into a political machine demanding the right to think for everybody, because they don’t believe the rest of us can think for ourselves.

What I would like to see is for these people to step back and look at the way they approach people. I would like them to stop long enough to take a look at how they come across. To see if they can see what I see when they try to shove their message down my throat. The best part of that is when they decide that I am somehow lost to the devil when I question them as to “Why is it that the three of the most recognized religions of the world who all fall from the same father still haven’t figured out how to get along?”

A great example of this is the Jury that convicted the man guilty of killing the abortion Doctor in Kansas. This guy was so arrogant. He thought he would be able to go into court proclaim guilt as a calling from God, and that the Jury would let him go. Not so fast wise guy the Jury sent him to prison making it clear that God had nothing to do with what he alone decided he had the right to do in taking a life needlessly. It’s when the people who proclaim for the world that they do what they do because God so wills it, that someone always gets hurt. Justice that comes at the expense of anyone is not justice its abuse.

The Scope’s Trial in 1925, famously known as the Monkey Trial and characterized in the movie “Inherit the Wind” was a period that brought to the forefront of public thought the issues of Creation v. Evolution. What happened in 1925 during the course of this trial was for average people to see just how self-serving and narrow mind people of religion had become. This narrow focus was seen in the great Christian and political leader William Jennings Bryan. He admitted that he had never read the “Origin of the Species” by Darwin. The point that was made was how does anyone presume to judge what you haven’t even taken the time to understand yourself.

Evolution has always been about what shaped the living creatures on Earth that allowed them to survive in the world landscape. The thought process that gave this concept life was born of the thought processes associated with the Age of Enlightenment. This was not about God any more than it was a challenge to God. This was about the thinking process in man as an analytical one. It goes back to the beginning of this article with the idea that a man could think and reason himself.

Prohibition was brought to life through the same concept of religious intolerance. I know enough about the Bible to know that an individual can interpret it in any number of ways. That does not make those interpretations valid or more to the point rational. Anyyhing designed in the thought process that comes at the expense of anyone, is irresponsible and irrational. Righteousness that is abusive, is abuse.

I grew up knowing that Walter Cronkite was a man you could trust. I will never forget the look on his face over the weekend of the events in Dallas November 1963. The night he announced that he was formally coming out against the Vietnam War. The look on his face when man was about to walk on the moon. I liked Peter Jennings in much the same way. But they were exceptional jouralists who spoke the truth in a way that allowed to you to see it for yourself. They understood that their job was designed to inform.

Media is the area where the corporation had done the most damage to the whole concept of "All Men are Created Equal". Programming for the most part is mindless nonsense. So-called reality television is a joke. You can't go to the game but you can buy yourself a seat from your own home and we'll take you there. No I don't have a problem with profits. I do however have a problem with profits that pay ridiculous amounts of money to athletes pursuant to entertainment value that does not place as much value or more on the people who educate our children.

Education treated as a commodity in the same way as buying a house or buying a car. It is not an investment into the future it's blackmail. Especially when it is designed to keep people looking to better themselves in debt for as long as possible.

Finally religion is now nothing more than a business. Pay me, and God will save you. Look at me in these expense three piece suits. Vote Republican! Demand the right to think for everybody else because it's God will that you do so. Dinosaurs were there at the creation of man. You can believe it because the Bible says it's true. If you are not a Christian you an evil man. On and on and on.

To me the fact is that these people focus on everybody elses behavior wirth clarity but haven't figured out that the issue is the focus on how they avoid dealing with their own behavior.

"All Men are Created Equal" in this sense, is about unserstanding that I have read and studied the Bible for myself. I have enough trouble dealing with my own shortcomings to suggest that I am qualified to help you deal with yours.



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    • Arthur Bundy profile image

      Arthur Bundy 5 years ago from Colorado Springs


      I think the issue goes back to Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education. Desegregation of public schools and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

      My father was one of many Southern Democrats turned Republican over these issues, as considered too liberal for them. Even LBJ knew what the consequences would be of his Civil Rights legislation. He predicted correctly that Southern Democrats would be welcomed into the Republican Party. Which should tell you something about who Republicans really are. They many not wear hoods, but they do hide behind the likes of Carl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News.

      It is my belief that all the issues we face today come as the result of the rebellion created by the issue of equality. To the point that many billionaires who could and have done right by our country have quietly stripped themselves of their responsibility to the tax burden, because they can't or won't face a world where a Black Man is President of the United States.

      They hide behind the so-called Tea Party Movement and issues like too much government spending, when they and their boarder-line creative banking practices once again brought our country to ruin. And because they openly and arrogantly buy and sell the political process in this country, have managed to effectively avoid any honest or responsible government intervention or accountability.

      The Education System is now in two primary parts thanks to Ronald Reagan. The selling you an education, by providing you with the means to pursue that education in the form of loans. And the hope you will default on those loans industry that wants to make the next generation of Americans defenseless debtors.

      Even the reverse mortgage trend is just another in a long line of scams to keep the American public in debt, and therefore beyond any real credibility when it comes to modern day policy making.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Not just me, but yes. Even if it wasn't unconstitutional, it's a disaster.

    • Arthur Bundy profile image

      Arthur Bundy 5 years ago from Colorado Springs


      If I understand your thinking correctly you are calling the Department of Education unconstitutional. Is that right?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      It was a federally funded unconstitutional school program. Obviously.

    • Arthur Bundy profile image

      Arthur Bundy 5 years ago from Colorado Springs

      nicomp : What was Head Start, if not a federally funded school program?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      "It is my belief that some very powerful people and some very powerful corporations saw an opportunity to take advantage of this new political climate to quietly strip local, state, and federal budgets of the mechanisms that supported public schools. "

      Federal interference (funding) of public education is unconstitutional anyway.